Thursday, 22 October 2015


Over the few years we have been caravanning I have read on forums of people having difficulty in removing the clock in Bailey caravans with stories of bits dropping down the back into the innards of the van and not being able to remove the clock in the first place.

With BST coming to an end this weekend I decided with some trepidation to risk it and remove the clock to turn back the hour.

Couldn't have been simpler,just pulled it out,it is a moderately tight fit,altered the time and pushed it back.

No loose pieces or anything else to impede progress.

   I was quite surprised how cheap and flimsy the clock was,must have cost all of about £2.

Still it looks OK and does the job so no complaints.




  1. I think because you got your van later; they had possibly fixed the clock issue.Believe me I had a problem, like most on the forum did. The trick I think is once the clock has been removed is not to press it home too hard ; or else you might discover just how difficult it can be to remove it again.

  2. Bill,
    Funnily enough I also thought it wouldn't be as easy a second time so I put it back and tried again,still no problem.