Thursday, 21 September 2017

U4 Cadiz Correction

Just to correct something regarding the width of the rear single beds in the U4 Cadiz.

I said that they were 2" narrower in the U4 than the U3.

That is incorrect,they are 1" narrower.

To be honest I don't find that acceptable when there isn't a dire need for it.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

U4 Awning Sizes &TPMS

Anyone wishing to dash out and buy a U4 Cadiz,please be aware that the awning sizes have changed.

U3 Single Axle ( apart from Seville ):-1045cm
U4 Single Axle :- 1027cm

Thanks to Bill Tweedie to alerting me to this fact.

It also now comes with a Tyrepal head unit and not just the sensors as with the U3


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cooker Hob Glass Panel

A chap on Caravan Talk has just had to lay out about £50 or so on a new glass cover for the cooker hob.

As we know,when the glass lid is closed it cuts off the gas supply.

However it doesn't shut down the electricity to the hotplate so the lid will eventually shatter from the heat build up.

Worth bearing in mind.


Saturday, 16 September 2017

Red Valve & Microwave The End

Well replaced the nicely cleaned out red valve to the Alde boiler and tested it out with the external pump in a bucket of water and it still dripped so perhaps it is meant to.

Having said that the boiler wasn't on with gas or electric just full of water so perhaps it may be OK when running properly,any way we shall see I will keep you informed,shan't use any sleep.

At least I have a clean valve and have learnt about John Guest Speedlink valves,every day is a schoolday.

Incidentally if you go down this route when replacing the valve on the boiler spigot press it in hard,I thought it had seated properly but another shove and it went in some more.

Onto the microwave and I decided to take it to the local repair shop as ending my life touching a charged capacitor was not what I had planned.

They replaced the bulb for just the cost of the bulb,£6,great service.

On E Bay the bulbs cost more than that.

When the microwave is out,by removing the four screw covers underneath and undoing the four screws, there appears to be some untidy wiring left by the artisan craftsmen of Bristol.

I decided to tidy this up by taping it down neatly,however if you do this the microwave doesn't sit properly as presumably the wiring likes to find its own space.

Just a tip.

Oh and despite first impressions the plug slips nicely through the hole in the wooden partition.


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Descaling Contd.

One of my correspondents,David Mantell,suggested after my last post about descaling the red valve that if that wanted doing then the boiler and asociated pipework may need doing as well which is a fair point.

I think very little about scaling as we live in a soft water area.

Anyway I contacted Alde to ask what was the best stuff to use and received the reply that they recommend Puriclean.



Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Minor Alde Problem

When we were at Durham Grange I noticed a water drip from under the offside front side of the van.

On closer inspection I discovered that this was coming from a clear plastic tube attached to the Alde 3020 boiler.

It wasn't running like a river but just a steady drip,now most people would perhaps have ignored it but me being me it had to be attended to.

After a promptly answered e-mail to Alde,it turns out that this is a common problem caused by dirt or limescale blocking the red valve at the top right hand corner of the boiler as you stand in front of it in the van.

The remedy is to remove the valve,soak it in some descaler or white vinegar solution and reattach it hopefully solving the problem.


The valve is attached to the boiler by John Guest Speedlink fittings,if you don't know what these are,and I didn't,there is a video on You Tube explaining them  :-

John Guest Speedlink

The valve removes reasonably easily from the pipe but is a little bit more difficult from the boiler spigot.

Anyway I have it soaking in some descaler and will reattach it in the next few days and report back as to whether the dripping has stopped.


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Durham Grange

Just returned from four nights at Durham Grange C&MC site.

Been here many times before so won't dwell on it.

Had a very minor problem with the Alde boiler which I will post about when I have sorted it out as it may assist other people.

As previously posted the bulb went on the microwave ( first world problem eh ).

Bill Tweedie has kindly suggested a remedy so I will see about fixing it or getting it fixed as I like things to work properly if they are supposed to,but what possesses someone ( Daewoo in this case ) to design a microwave where the bulb isn't easy to change,bulbs do go from time to time.

We had a Panasonic at home and the bulb was behind a small trapdoor,easy to swap.

I think I am turning,with very good reason,into a grumpy old man.

The grey clip fell off the offside front  window blind and yes you've guessed it,fell down the gap between the seat backs and the van wall onto the Alde radiator .

Another hand squeezing job to remove it,good job I am slim and supple,then it was out with the glue.

This is the third to have fallen off,the original glue must be reaching the end of its life.

Incidentally I noticed on the U4 Cadiz that this gap down to the radiator which acts as a magnet for stuff to fall down is still the same and hasn't been addressed.

Perhaps the members of the Bailey focus group all have very small hands.


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Daewoo Microwave Bulb

Does anyone know how to replace the bulb in the Cadiz Daewoo microwave ?

I can see the bulb through a grille but can't find any way to get into it.

Have looked on the net and instruction book and can't find anything.

I can't believe you have to dismantle the thing ( which I would rather not do ) to replace a bulb.


Friday, 8 September 2017

New Unicorn 4 Cadiz

We visited a dealers today to have a close look at the new Unicorn 4 Cadiz,so here are my thoughts.

Just to say that these are my thoughts and obviously other people may see things differently.

First off to the exterior,which I liked,Bailey have got rid of the ugly joining strips to give a smooth front and rear with an extended black grab handle across the back and single black ones at the front.

The A frame cover is also black and looks rather stylish,the windows are also now square and tinted black as well.

There seemed to be a lack of Bailey's trademark of zealous over application of sealant everywhere but this may have been cleaned up as it was a show van.

There are the usual Al-Ko hitch,ATC and shock absorbers.

The exterior 230v and TV input on the nearside also look more professional as well :-

Access to a wet locker is now on the off side rear which shifts it from possibly interfering with a porch awning,very good.

The toilet cassette locker on the offside rear is rather clever with storage for chemicals etc.:-

I noticed the Michelin tyres which were trumpeted for the U3 have now been replaced with presumably cheaper ones.

Now to the interior where things go slightly downhill.

The main table has fortunately made its way out of the wardrobe to under the nearside bed.

The front sofas are now shorter,seat four instead of six and extend to the front of the van,but feel comfortable,storage is therefore limited to the top of the centre chest with its pull out table as in U3.

There are no TV aerial or 12v sockets at the front but there are two 230v sockets at the side of the chest,oh deary me,not good.

They look like someone had a brainstorm  one Wednesday afternoon whilst high on illicit substances.

The alarm sensor is to the right of the front chest at lower level where I can see it getting a kicking eventually,especially from children.

On to the overhead lockers which are larger with white doors,the handles of which feel flimsy compared with the U3.

The corner space where the U3 has a shelf is now enclosed behind a door,why ?

The radio/CD is located in the left hand one.

The plug surrounds and Alde  control panel are now gloss black and the Alde now comes with battery back up as standard.

There are dimmable reading lights in the same place as in the U3 which handily have USB charging points in them which I may consider fitting in our van.

Moving to the kitchen,the sink is now square surrounded by a grey granity work surface,the pop-up flap looks like it is attached with the same pathetically short screws as in the U3 so it will only be a matter of time before it drops off.

The hob has a grey matching cover over the glass lid to give another work surface which I liked but it has been pointed out that when raised it cuts out light from the window.

Under the sink are three large white fronted drawers which are OK but have low backs to them so things can quite easily fall over the back to the drawers below.

Opposite is the usual large fridge with a small ledge and cupboard to the right of the entrance door,all positive.

Now we move onto the TV situation.

Gone is the excellent swivel mount as on the U3 to be replaced,if replaced is the word,by two optional ( optional as in pay £25 for each plus,presumably,fitting,Bailey dress this up as giving you "choice" ) TV mounts which can be screwed to the right of the entrance door where it will stick out into the door space,possibly get damaged and look like an abortion and/or to the other side of the fridge where it will look like an afterthought.

So if you want to move the telly from viewing in the lounge to watch it in bed you will need to unplug it,move it to the bedroom mount and plug it in again rather than just swivel it around as in the U3,and this is progress ?

Not a good arrangement especially as the mains plug and aerial in the door position are near the ceiling so will hang untidily down the wall.

Pre-wiring is installed for a motor mover,the red-key socket of which has been located in the shoe locker to the left of the entrance door,but sadly it has been attached the wrong way round so it can only be accessed via the front locker which will be handy when the aforementioned locker is full,I don't know which nig-nog thought that one out.

Moving to the bedroom,the beds I believe are two inches narrower than in the U3 for God knows what reason,I can't believe any focus group pleaded for that one.

The handy quadrant shelves in the corner above the bed heads are gone,the padded headboard pieces are now centrally vertical rather than horizontal,no I don't know why either.

Now onto the bathroom which is a complete disaster zone in my opinion.

The grey fully lined shower now has a bi-fold door which is all to the good but there is no shelf or anything for soap or shower gel etc. but there is a nifty fold down towel rail suspended from the roof

The whole bathroom to me felt claustrophobic and very small,whether it is actually smaller than the U3 I don't know but it certainly feels it.

Sadly there is no window which is replaced by a large horizontal illuminated mirror.

It would have been better I think with a smaller mirror and a window,there is a roof vent but don't have a smelly Number 2 as the stink will last all day.

There is an Alde radiator.

There isn't a lockable cupboard,apart from the wardrobe,of any sort in the bathroom to keep things in whilst on the move as in the U3,just three open shelves which will be totally useless when on the road.

Where you are supposed to put soaps,toothpaste etc. whilst travelling is not clear,well it is clear,nowhere.

There is a small dirty washing sack secreted in a cupboard under the sink

The toilet is the same on as in the U3 but the "cistern" bit is hidden away so the flush button is flat to the wall,how the excrement gets to the cassette I couldn't readily work out but obviously does.

To top it all there is a "salad bowl" sink which looks ridiculous but I suppose satisfied some twenty-one year old designer who thought it looked "boutique" instead of actually looking like a pimps boudoir

Sadly Bailey have persisted with the ridiculous leak prone roof join along with a wood floor as opposed to a composite one.

I wonder when the first U4 roof leak will be reported.

All in all I think my verdict is "could have done better" especially as Bailey have reputedly been three years in the planning and taken users and dealers opinions into consideration.

I can see no reason to even consider upgrading from our U3,yes there are a few plus points like the USB lights and the exterior but these are outweighed by the negatives such as the washroom,plus of course there is a price increase.

I can see it being more of a van that people will buy into who haven't had a Unicorn previously rather than by people who already have a U3.

As I say you may have a different view.


Monday, 4 September 2017

Bailey Discount Code

Picked this up off Caravan Talk.

10% discount code for Bailey Parts,doesn't appear to be time limited.


Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Lawns

We visited The Lawns "Caravan Extravaganza" in Cottingham today,was hoping to have a look at the new Unicorn but sadly Bailey weren't there at all,it was dominated by Swift and Coachman with side orders of Lunar and Elddis.

Swift and Coachman of course are manufactured on Humberside so litttle travelling involved whereas it's a good haul from Bristol I suppose,will have to wait until the NEC.

There must be a good market in statics and lodges as they were coming out of the ground along with palatial manufacturers hospitality units with plenty of interest being shown.

We added to our ever growing collection of Isabella paraphenalia with the addition of a three panel windbreak which is a bit taller than our present one.

Well it was discounted,it would have been rude not to.

I was surprised to note from the Isabella catalogue that the Magnum 250 Coal porch awning that we have has been discontinued to be replaced by the Magnum 340 Silver and 400 Silver.

Both 2.5m deep and 340cm/400cm wide respectively.

They had a 400 there which looked appealing,midway between a full awning and a smaller porch.

Get thee behind me Satan.