Saturday, 30 January 2016


I have started a new Twitter account after I failed to keep up to the Orion one,will try harder this time.

@BaileyCadiz3 for those interested.


Friday, 29 January 2016

Alternative TV Attachment Device

David Mantell,one of my correspondents,had difficulty fixing the "click on/off " quick release TV bracket that we use as his attachment point on the TV is offset.

He has therefore manufactured a home made attachment the details of which are below:-

TV Attachment to Sliding Bracket – ‘difficult TV’s’

Problem:     My 22” TV has VESA mounting holes at 75mm apart but they are not in

                     the centre of the set – they are offset about 2” towards the top of the set.

                     This prevents me using the bracket supplied as the TV hangs down too 
                     low and will not slide into the storage space.

A Solution:  Make up an aluminium bracket which compensates for the offset – see

                     rough drawing attached.  The existing sliding mounting bracket is 

                     removed and this new bracket used in place. TV is now central  
                     vertically  and slides into storage area.


All parts can be obtained from ebay (although I already had some aluminium and all the screws – just had to buy the plastic star headed nuts)

Holes A – 2 off – 4mm diameter (for two raised head screws)

Holes B – 2 off – 4mm diameter countersunk on this side

Holes C – 2 off – 6mm diameter countersunk on reverse side

Two 6mm x 12mm long countersunk screws ‘Araldited’ into plate to prevent rotation and to keep captive.


Plate is screwed to TV using holes A & B, plate is attached to caravan arm using two plastic ‘star head nuts’ (after removing sliding plate supplied on arm).


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Fridge Door Catch.

Those of you who regularly read this outpouring of caravan emotion may remember I had a problem with the device on the fridge door which keeps it ajar for ventilation,it broke in other words.

Bailey/Dometic eventually sent me a replacement.

This was the original :

And this is the replacement ( taken in a Cadiz at caravan show ):-

The "problem" is that the new plastic bit doesn't fit the old metal holder so that needs changing as well.

Not dificult,fiddly though,but when I had done it I couldn't get the door latch to "latch" no matter how I fiddled around.I think perhaps it needs a different latch bit on the door perhaps which I had been sent as well but I am not getting into that as I couldn't see any visible screws or anything.

Eventually I gave up and returned the old metal holder minus plastic bit.

Actually we have a better way of keeping the fridge door open devised by SWMBO and that is to simply pull the bottom salad tray right out to its stops which stops the door closing,simples.

Whilst there I also gave the fridge and the Alde a short run on gas and all seems OK.

Memo to self,before running Alde on gas remember to remove plastic bag covering the flue outlet thus avoiding a large "bang" as it blew off.


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Fitted Sheets,What a Performance.

I wanted a pair of fitted sheets made up for both the rear fixed beds which was not the relatively straightforward process I thought it was going to be.

The manufacturer didn't have a template for the mattress size of the Cadiz 3,only the Valencia so I had to measure the mattress.

Now I innocently thought measuring a mattress was a simple job,not so.

What with being a bit squishy and with rounded corners,not to mention that the off-side bunk has a small cut-off at the top,getting an accurate measurement was not to be.

It was suggested that I ask Bailey for a template of the rear mattress dimensions ( why the makers couldn't do this for me I don't know;whatever happened to service ),anyway I now have the template and have e-mailed an order so hopefully all will be well.

If anyone wants a copy of this precious template to have some sheets made up,or wants to do it themselves from the measurements ( I dare not allude to the fact that this task may fall more readily to my female correspondents for fear of having the PC police at my door ) then if you drop me your e-mail address one will be speedily sent.


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I Rather Liked This.


Alde/Dometic Tip

A chap on Caravan Talk had his van to the Alde factory for the fluid changing.

Alde commented that the gas combustion fan was noisy ( no me neither ) to which he commented that they rarely used it on gas.

Alde's advice was that when you start the Alde up then to run it on gas for the first 15 mins or so then change to electric ( if on EHU of course ).

This reduces the chance of the gas jets and fan becoming blocked with debris,spiders webs for example.

I have heard much the same advice for the Dometic fridge.

As we haven't used the van for a while I think I will give the Alde and the fridge a short run on gas on my next visit to storage.


Tuesday, 19 January 2016


It appears some people are having difficulty finding an e-mail address to contact me,search no more it is :-


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Avtex L217DRS TV

Bailey seem to suggest in their marketing that the biggest TV that will fit on the mount in the Cadiz and successfully fold away into the cubby hole is 18 1/2".

Someone on Caravan Talk had the 21 1/2" Avtex L217DRS and assured me it would fit.

Bought one today from John Lewis ( 5yr guarantee as opposed to the standard 3yr with free returns ) and yes I can confirm it does fit nicely.

Avtex L217DRS - John Lewis

( Other retailers are of course available ).

So if anyone is contemplating one of these TV's and is concerned about sizing there is no problem.


Saturday, 9 January 2016


Went up to the van in storage this morning and decided to move it forward on the motor mover about a meter or so to stop the tyres flat spotting.

All went swimmingly,but it would have gone a lot more swimmingly if I had remembered to raise the steadies first.

Anyway no damage done and most important,no witnesses.

With reference to the previous post regarding leaks from the roof join,I had a good look round with the aid of a torch and thankfully all is dry.

Let us hope all our vans stay so.


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Regarding Leaks ( No Not The Welsh ).

There has been some discussion on Caravan Talk recently regarding wet and damp in the top lockers on the Unicorn 3 adjacent to the roof join just in front of the toilet door.

The thread is an interesting read for us owners :-

CT :Water In Top Locker

Especially post #17.

According to this it is suggested that not all vans are affected but it may be worth while keeping an eye out for any problems.

Hope we all stay dry.