Wednesday, 29 July 2015


 Whilst browsing the Bailey warranty I came across this:-

 5. During the first three (3) years of the Warranty Cover, all annual inspections and
repairs must be carried out either by Bailey itself or an approved Bailey Service Centre
or Agent. 

 I began to wonder if this would exclude servicing by a mobile outfit who nevertheless was AWS/NCC qualified.

I e-mailed Bailey and got a rapid response ( so much for those that say they are tardy with communications ),to say this :-

To Mr Broadhead
Thank you for your email

I have checked the NCC (AWS) database and can confirm *********** are an NCC approved workshop and are able to carry out the servicing of your caravan.

Should any warranty work be required to your Caravan we would always recommend you return to your purchasing Bailey retailer regarding servicing/warranty work of your caravan.   If you are unable to return to your purchasing retailer with your request or you do not have a purchasing retailer you will need to find a Transient Bailey approved Retailer or Service Centre in your local area or that may be just outside your area and you will have to travel to them to have this work carried out.

We do have transient and non-transient retailers, the transient retailers will work on any caravan regardless of where the van had been purchased and non-transient agents unfortunately choose to only carry out warranty work on caravans that they have sold; as our retailers are not Bailey franchise we have no control over this option and cannot demand and enforce them to carry out servicing or warranty work.

You are able to find Transient retailers/service centres in and around your local area by visiting our website select choose your retailer and enter your postcode.  This will then list all retailers and service centres that are approved via Bailey.

Kind Regards
Chantelle Kimmins
Customer Service Co-Ordinator

Bailey of Bristol
South Liberty Lane, Bristol, BS3 2SS

So if you are in any doubt that your mobile service firm is able to do your servicing then if you e-mail Bailey they will check them out for you.

I have printed the above into hard copy so if there are any problems with warranty in the future I have something to fall back on. 


Solution For Losing Keys.

It might be the time of life or it may not but I am forever losing sets of keys.

One thing I miss from the Orion is the TV table to the right just inside the door where I could put keys and the like with a passing chance of knowing where I had put them.

Thought about it a bit and came up with this:-

They are suction hooks which I got from the local DIY shop at 90p each.

Being suction attached you can remove them if you don't like them and you've only lost a couple of quid and not damaged the van.

Now I have somewhere to hang keys,reachable from outside, so hopefully losing them will be a thing of the past.

Before someone says it,yes it would have been more convenient on the brown woody bit but they kept falling off ,the GRP side gave a better hold.


Friday, 24 July 2015

Bolton Abbey & TV Remote Control

Have just had four nights at the CC site at Bolton Abbey and while the weather wasn't the best we very much enjoyed it.

The Bolton Abbey site is tucked away adjacent to Strid Woods and unfortunately suffers from one thing that I have noticed on one or two CC sites and that is tree cover.

There is barely a pitch that is not overhung by some degree with trees which keeps out the sun,holds onto the damp and drips long after rain,which we had a bit of.

If going to this site try to pick one of the pitches at the top of the site which are generally more open we had one down at the bottom which had a bit of tree cover.

The wardens didn't seem the friendliest in the world,nothing specific just a general feeling.

The Cadiz once again came up trumps with just one minor niggle and that concerned our old friend the slot at the back of the lounge seats leading to the Alde radiator.

If you recall I dropped a screwdriver down there on a previous trip,this time it was the TV remote control which vanished.

Luckily I have thin hands and just managed to be able to reach down for it but others may well struggle.

I know the heat has to get through but I wish Bailey had thought of some sort of " heat transferring" cover or grid.

We had two grandkids with us and naturally it is easy for them,or anyone else,to put something down on the backrest cushion and knock it down the void.

Anyway apart from that all continues to be OK with our Cadiz.


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sealant,Removal Of.

There is the odd spot on the Cadiz where Mr.Bailey has been a little profligate with the sealing gun.

One place is around the door catch on the main caravan door and the other is at the ends of the rain gutter above the awning light.

There are on or two other places as well.

I had tried to remove it wthe Silky,Care-A-Van cleaner and a dab of WD40 but none was a success.

Then some kind soul on Caravan Talk suggested applying white spirit to soften it,scrape the sealant away with a none-sharp object ( it become so soft I used a fingernail ),cleaning up with meths and repolishing.

Hey presto! it worked and the sealant has gone.


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Latest Trip.

Just returned from three nights at Hargill House CC site just off the A66 in North Yorkshire.

Lovely little site but as with a number of CC sites we have visited the shower block whilst perfectly clean and servicable could do with updating.

According to a comment in the visitors book this will be done over the forthcoming winter.

Anyway onto the Cadiz and I am pleased to say we had no problems,niggles,disasters or mishaps at all.

Everything worked as it should,the flip up table gave no further trouble and the Alde battery back up worked well

Sadly it doesn't make for an interesting blog post but so be it,long may it last.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fitting Alde Battery Back Up For The Clock.

On the Alde 3020HE control panel the clock can be set to show the time and the day of the week.

If desired this can be displayed on the panel.

Unfortunately if the 12v is switched off for any reason then the clock settings are erased so it has to be reset when the 12v is switched back on again.

For those that aren't aware,Alde do a plug in battery back up for the clock ( why this couldn't be fitted as standard on a £21K van I don't know ) which has to be retro-fitted and contains two AA batteries to keep the clock running.

This is what I am talking about:-

Alde Battery Back Up

( Other outlets are available ).

Turn off 12v power supply before proceeding.

Having decided to fit one of these I was a bit nervous as to how to remove the front panel which seemed to fit tightly and I didn't want to break it..

I even bought a set of plastic car panel removers.

Fortunately and to my surprise the front cover pulled off quite easily.

You are then presented with this :

There is cross head screw at each corner which are easily removed ,the unit can then be pulled forward out of its aperture to reveal this :-

The black object is a black plastic cover which can easily be removed by unclipping at the sides to expose the innards :

Complicated little bugger isn't it.

Next take a soldering iron and some wire only joking.

Now the instructions I received with the unit I purchased showed a diagram of the above which resembled it not at all,probably because it was old stock and for use with the 3010 boiler,so I had to plug the backup device cable into each of the four plugs in turn at the top left of the above picture until I found the correct one.

It is the one on the far left where the black and red wires are plugged into in the picture.

It was then I glanced at the inside of the previously removed black cover where there is a diagram which tells you where everything goes......................hmmmm.

I then attached the battery caddy complete with two AA Duracells ( well Costco really ) to the side of the cubby hole with double sided tape ( there are two pre-drilled holes for screws if you prefer,screws not provided ) then,in the words of the Haynes manuals " reassembly is the reverse of removal".

Unlike the Haynes this actually is.

Be careful to feed the cables out of the cut away at the bottom of the black back cover before clicking the cover back in place.

Screw it back to the van with the four screws and replace the grey cover.

Job done,switch on the 12v and set the clock and it will stay that way until the Earth becomes a Red Dwarf or Coronation St. ends which ever is the sooner.

If I can do it,you can do it.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

Yer Could Stand An Elephant On It Now.

Was up at the van today and reinforced the flip up kitchen shelf as previously described with a wooden batten,drilling right through the panel and securing with four bolts.

It has made the shelf much more secure now.

It was never going to survive in its original state with screws millimetres long.

I am not the worlds best DIY'er so quite pleased with the outcome.

If anyone is thinking of doing this the bolts are 5cm long ( depending of course on the thickness of your piece of wood ).

Cost :- £1.50 for for four bolts,four nuts and four washers.
           Wood free out of garage.