Saturday, 26 March 2016

Handover Check List

There has been some discussion recently on CT about handovers of vans.

Someone asked about a checklist which I sent him earlier today.

I got to thinking there may be new viewers of this blog on the threshold of purchasing a Cadiz for whom a list may be useful and have joined since we got our van and a list was discussed and sent to a few people.

So if anyone wants my handover checklist ( it has a few things personal to us in it but these can be changed to suit ) then let me know and I will forward one to you.


Thursday, 24 March 2016

The "8" Has Got them Stumped.

Earlier today I took the front bench cushions to YC Leisure to be returned to Belfield's for replacing or restuffing,not bad,warranty work sanctioned in a few days.

Whilst there I asked about the "8" being permanently glowing on the control panel.

Spoke to a couple of mechanics who could shed no light on it,much like the response Bill got.

They contacted BCA who do the wiring etc. for Bailey and they didn't know what caused it either,not a fault code.

It was suggested that it may be a corrupted display.

When the cushions are ready for collection I will take the van to them so they can have a look themselves.


Monday, 21 March 2016

Beechwood Grange

Returned yesterday from York Beechwood Grange CC site after a four night stay,first of the season.

We have stayed here a few times before so I won't go into the site in detail,suffice to say it is worth a visit.

The Cadiz just about behaved itself,one or two minor issues.

First off,the Fiamma Pack Waste went down like a lead zeppelin with SWMBO,she thought it was too big and obstructive so off it has to come and the original returned to its rightful place,so if anyone wants a used Pack Waste I am your man.

Secondly I eventually got round to concluding that the front bench seat cushions had collapsed internally.

I had been thinking this for a while but kept thinking it must be "me" and putting it off but it was like sitting on the slats,well not quite but heading that way.

I should have sorted it out before the winter lay off but foolishly didn't,anyway they are now in the hands of YC Leisure for a warranty repair or replacement.

Thirdly,and strangely,I noticed that the control panel just inside the door was showing the figure "8" on the digital display at the top,second digit in from the left.

It momentarily showed "U" and "3" but was mostly at "8".

Anyway I tried switching it off and on to no avail,then tried disconnecting the battery twice once again to no avail.

I did think it may be some sort of fault code but everything was working fine as far as I can tell.

I have e-mailed the dealers and someone is supposed to be ringing me back to tell me how to get rid of it,I will report back as to what the remedy is,I hope it isn't a replacement panel.

Everything else was fine,the Alde heating is wonderful,silent and warm,even SWMBO asked for it to be turned down,unheard of.

The new Avtex 21 1/2" TV that I bought over the winter worked excellently and folded back into the cubby hole with no problems at all.


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Al-Ko ATC Misinformation

I have received the following from David Mantell one of my followers regarding the Al-Ko ATC instructions :-

 Hi Ian

Not sure if you had noticed, but the AL-KO ATC instruction manual is not
clear regarding removal of the push rod (under fault conditions). The
top and bottom diagrams are correct for later ATC's but the mid diagram
is of an older system.

Al-Ko phoned me back today apologised for the error and suggested I
disregarded the mid diagram, following the principle described in the

Guess this should not cause too much grief, but if you need to do this
'in anger' by the side of the road, the last thing you need is
misunderstanding of the manufacturers diagrams.

Kind regards,  David Mantell



Don't get excited at the title,I mean rubber seals.

Just a reminder to give those door/window/locker seals a bit of lubrication before the season starts to keep them supple and crack free.

Did ours today and also gave the Whale inlet "O" rings a dosing with Thetford silicone seal lubricant to keep them in good nick.


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Attention Phantom Users.

Prior to swapping the battery I telephoned Phantom to temporarily disable alerts whilst I did so.

The lady at Phantom said that you can now disable alerts yourself via the smartphone app ( not the web site ).

Just had a look and yes you can,didn't know that.


Truma and Solar Panel

Hardy souls who keep up to this blog may remember a month or two back I was trying to contact Truma to ascertain whether it was stricly necessary to cover the solar panel when disconnecting the battery or whether simply removing the fuse would be adequate.

Well despite two e-mails and three Tweets the result has been...............absolute total silence.

Not very good Truma thank you very much.

Anyway today I swapped the battery over ready for the season and just removed the fuse without covering the panel and ensured that the battery clamps didn't touch and everything was fine.

So it looks like just removing the fuse is OK,but it is up to the individual,if it all goes "pop" don't blame me.