Saturday, 22 August 2015

Umbrella Storage




Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Shower Hose

Just a small point but I have noticed that the shower hose tends to get caught in the door hinges when the door is being closed after a shower,unless it's just ours.

Would I imagine be easy to sprain the hinges or the door if not careful.


Monday, 17 August 2015


We have just returned from four nights at the CC site in Scarborough followed by two nights at the Bakewell Baking Festival in,yes you have guessed it,Bakewell.

The fault free honeymoon with the Cadiz has drawn to a close,not dramatically,more annoying than anything but more of that in a bit.

Scarborough CC site is a pleasant place to spend a few days,situated in West Ayton handily about five miles or so from the Park & Ride.

But beware if visiting in the school holidays and be sure to pick a pitch far away from the children’s playground,unless of course you are a masochist, as there was still shouting and screaming coming from it at ten o’clock at night which we could hear three quarters away across the site so how the poor souls went on parked right by it I don’t know.

The Bakewell Show Ground on the other hand was a rough and ready affair,a bit too rough and ready for what was charged in my opinion but anyway.For the first time we were off EHU and the Cadiz did not let us down.

The fridge and the Alde heating worked perfectly on gas and the solar panel was wonderful,recharging the battery fully the next day after an evening’s use.

Now for the problems.

Whilst in Scarborough the toilet/cassette gave up the ghost in that the flap that swings across the hole in the toilet got jammed in the open position and no amount of trying to free it with the lever would persuade it to shift,therefore we couldn’t empty the cassette,which fortunately I had emptied in the morning so we had a bit of leeway

As the thrill of tiptoeing to the site facilities at 3am wrapped in a towel soon faded it was time to call in a mobile repairer.

The chap who came ( KDR Mobile if you ever need him ) said it was a far from unusual occurrence and was due to a design fault in the toilet in that when the lever is moved whilst sat on the toilet,or leaning heavily on it,two parts of it separate and when the weight is removed these two parts don’t come together correctly and they jam ( I paraphrase this explanation by the way ).

Anyway the remedy appeared to involve inserting a metal strip between the cassette and the toilet via the cassette aperture outside and wiggling it around a bit.

I meant to observe what was done in case it happened again but wasn’t able to as all the action took place between the cassette and the toilet.

Anyway the moral of this tale is,DON’T MOVE THE LEVER WHILST SAT ON THE BOG,therby saving yourself £25.

The second minor thing was that the front of one of the LED spotlights fell off and proved very fiddly to put back.

I couldn’t do it but SWMBO managed it in the end.

The next thing was that the Al-Ko ATC light stopped working.

The ATC still worked it was just the light.

Then the kitchen blind wouldn’t retract properly.

The off-side motor mover didn’t come off whilst in Bakewell as I discovered when putting it back on to leave the site.

Finally the number plate fell off,fortunately whilst on site so it was easily remedied by the purchase of some heavy duty double-sided tape.

These problems sound worse on paper than they actually were and the van is booked in at YC Leisure for warranty repairs on the ATC light,blind and the motor mover checking over.

Luckily no great dramas and feel more confident about going electric free in future.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Durham Grange

Just had three nights at Durham Grange CC site just outside err.................Durham.

Perfectly pleasant site which we have visited before,some people complain of road noise which yes there is but it is one of those noises which I don't hear unless I listen on purpose.

Within walking distance to the P&R into Durham.

Whilst there we visited Beamish open air museum,well worth the trip,so much to see,so much in fact that we didn't see it all but you can visit again for free for up to a year so we will have a return visit.

Decent discount with CC membership cards as well.

One word,if visiting during school holidays book online prior to going to avoid a long queue.

Anyway onto the Cadiz and once again nil to report,not even a TV remote down the back of the sofa.

Performed faultlessly.

Copied Bill Tweedie's idea of putting a couple of vacuum sucker hooks in the shower to hang wet coats on.