Thursday, 22 October 2015


Over the few years we have been caravanning I have read on forums of people having difficulty in removing the clock in Bailey caravans with stories of bits dropping down the back into the innards of the van and not being able to remove the clock in the first place.

With BST coming to an end this weekend I decided with some trepidation to risk it and remove the clock to turn back the hour.

Couldn't have been simpler,just pulled it out,it is a moderately tight fit,altered the time and pushed it back.

No loose pieces or anything else to impede progress.

   I was quite surprised how cheap and flimsy the clock was,must have cost all of about £2.

Still it looks OK and does the job so no complaints.




After informing Paintseal at the NEC show that the bits of the van around the windows had been missed they said they would send someone out to sort it out.

True to their word a chap arrived at our storage today at the allotted time and the job was done,windows skylights and everything.

Now yes these bits shouldn't have been missed in the first place but sometimes the worth of a company is how they respond to complaints and in my eyes Paintseal did the business without any fuss palaver or quibble.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Chapel Lane & Fridge Revelation

We have just returned from three nights at Chapel Lane CC site just south of Birmingham where as previously mentioned we attended the NEC Caravan and Motorhome Show.

This site is excellent and surprisingly rural considering its locality is very close to Birmingham,the only problem being inconsiderate dog owners allowing their pets to leave little parcels around the site.

The Cadiz was faultless apart from the microwave blowing a fuse for some reason but this was soon rectified.

Now for the fridge.

When we collected the Cadiz there was a plastic envelope containing three sets of "white fingery things" and a length of clear plastic like this :-

We could never fathom out where the "white fingery things" went until a glance into the same fridge at the show revealed all.

They go in the shelves to stop jars etc. rattling about :-

We had friends over to visit one afternoon who rapidly worked out that the clear plastic thing fitted lengthways down the salad/vegetable drawer at the bottom of the fridge so dividing fruit from vegetables.

Now doubtless there are many of you who have been travelling in your Cadiz's since day one with these refinements firmly in place and now consider SWMBO and I as a pair of dunderheads not fit to pull a Christmas cracker let alone a caravan,but it is what it is,an ex-midwife and a 2:1 Honours Degree graduate pulled up short by bits of plastic in a fridge.


Friday, 16 October 2015

NEC Show

Visited the Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC today and had a really good time poking and prodding around vans and motorhomes.

It seemed much quieter than in previous years and one stallholder told me that attendances were well down for reasons,he suggested,that having a stand at the show is very expensive plus the ongoing costs of transport,accommodation etc, and that a lot of dealers were putting on their own displays for a fraction of the price of attending Birmingham.

In Cadizland little seemed to have changed apart from moving the "Cadiz" name from the rear top part of the van to the bottom of the back window,probably to distinguish 2016 vans from 2015 ones,I must admit I preferred it in its original position..

In a way it was heartening to see no meaningful changes as this presumably means that Bailey got it right in the first place.

A couple of posts or so ago I mentioned that Paintseal had failed to open the van windows to apply their sealant around the bits that the window edges covered.

At their stand I brought this to their attention and to give them credit I had a follow up phone call shortly after and they are visiting storage next week to do the bits they missed.

If any SWMBO's are reading this there are free nail painting/manicuring sessions on the Bailey stand,they made a good job on SWMBO's nails.

I spoke to one or two people who were viewing the Cadiz and mentioned the blog,so welcome to any new readers.


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

ProTec Towing Cover

A  couple of posts back I suggested it would be a good idea if a towing cover could be made with a transparent window in it.

I e-mailed ProTec and suggested it and got a rather curt e-mail in reply saying this wouldn't be possible.

Oh well.


Radiator Guard Yet Again.

There has been some conjecture on Caravan Talk as to whether Bailey would be providing two radiator guards,one for the front and one for the rear locker.

Having looked at the situation regarding the rear locker I think they will only be providing one for the front.

The rear locker radiator fins are recessed upwards a good way so there is little likelihood of catching the back of your hands on them.

I will endeavour to take a photo over the next few days ( forgot today ) so that those who don't have their vans at hand can see what I mean.

Here it is:-


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Radiator Guard Contd.

Had a word with the dealer today who was fully up to speed on the radiator guard.

One now on order for me to fit.

I have a .pdf of the fitting instructions if anyone wants a copy.

Just send an e-mail and one will be on its way.

( Tried to put the .pdf in the blog but it won't let me )


Monday, 5 October 2015

Radiator Covers

It has come to my attention via Caravan Talk that Bailey has produced some covers FOC for the radiator fins that constantly cut your hand when putting or removing things from the front locker.

Details are here :-

Radiator Covers.

The only drawback seems to be that it takes a trip to the deaers to fit them.

Will have a word with the dealer about it.


Durham Again

Recently returned from three nights at Durham Grange.

A last minute decision as the weather was so pleasant it seemed a shame to waste it.

Another tramp round the fashion shops of Durham ( why can't they provide comfy chairs for weary husbands,I am sure trade would increase ),also took in the rest of Beamish that we didn't get to see last time,free entry for a year after all.

No problems with the Cadiz apart from replacing the cooker top bumper kindly provided by Thetford and mopping up the Elsan Organic fluid in the gas locker that had leaked from the old milk container I had foolishly stored it in,replaced by a Nalgene bottle from Cotswold,it won't leak again.

We usually put on the towing cover the night before we leave especially if it is forecast to rain in the morning but of course this means we can't see out of the front windows.

It occurred to me as to why Pro-Tec,Specialised etc.can't make a cover with a transparent window in the middle so you could see out.

A fortune to be made there for someone.