Friday, 27 November 2015

Rubber Care

No it's not about that!!

Before and after winter I usually use some silicone spray on the window,door and locker seals to stop them hardening and cracking.

As the spray is a bit hit and miss I purchased a Rubber Care Stick from my local VW dealer.

Cost is £8.

I imagine something similar is sold by other dealers although I couldn't see any in Halfords.

This should make applying a bit of lubricant to the seals a bit easier,especially if it is windy.

Of course you can also use it on the car.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Fitting VIN Chip

Fitted the various components of the VIN Chip bundle today.

I thought I would give a few words of advice.

When applying the small window stickers be careful during the application as it is a bit fiddly and they can separate in the middle,I made a cobblers of one of them,luckily I had enough left.

Applying the micro dots is also a bit fiddly and not as easy as I imagined.The instructions say that it will show as a black dot on light surfaces whereas mine were whitish in colour,perhaps they dry black,will have to see.

The instructions for the two chips provided say that they are not readable through metal,as the van is made of aluminium ( a metal when I last checked ) sides covered in GRP I was a bit stumped as the where to put them.

I gave CRiS a call who said that caravan sides were no problem it was just that,unbelievably,some people had put them in the microwave.

Found two suitable places and registered the locations with CRiS

The UV pen is very good so have put the last eight digits of the VIN all over the van,they really can't be seen and show up very well under the UV torch provided.


Saturday, 21 November 2015


Just a reminder,particularly for those who might be new to caravanning,that with the chillier temperatures arriving this week,don't forget to drain your van's water system and toilet down before it freezes and causes expensive problems.

I have compiled a short list for winterization of your van,doubtless I may have missed something off but the basics are there:-

1.Drain water system
2.Drain toilet flush and leave top off cassette and flap open.
3.Spray toilet flap seal,window seals and toilet seals with silicone spray so they don't go hard and crack.
4.Put all upholstery on its side to allow air to circulate if you can't store it indoors.
5.Remove all foodstuffs etc. which may freeze and leak when they thaw.
6.Open locker doors to allow air to circulate ( I have left the wardrobe door shut as I mentioned in a
   previous post it swelled a bit when left open.
7.Spray some WD40 or similar into all the locks to avoid frost damage.
8.Give the solar panel a wipe to maximise the weak winter sun.
9.Place some moisture absorbing crystals or salt here and there ( I know this is controversial but it
   can't do any harm ).
10.If there is a pleasant day open the van to allow air to circulate whilst it is out of action


VIN Chip

My Vin Chip paraphernalia that I ordered at the NEC show arrived a couple of days ago.

 Vin Chip

There are a certain lack of instructions in the box to identify the constituent parts and where they go,the details are all on line but are a bit vague as to what goes where, but I think I have it sorted now.

Been trying to think of the best places to put the chips as they have to be within 30cm of the detector to be read.

To me it all seems like a good idea but the weak link in all this is,in my opinion,the police.

I would imagine a stolen caravan is pretty low down on their list of priorities unless of course you are in the public eye:-

Warwick Davis's Caravan


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Solar Panel

Just a reminder that it does no harm to give the solar panel a wipe at this time of the year as with less sun at a more acute angle it needs all the help it can get to keep the battery charged.

Did ours today and removed a goodly amount of muck.


Non-Slippy Stuff

Got a little fed up with the stuff that I have in the rear nearside underbed locker ( jack,Lock n'Level,chocks etc.) having slid all over the place when we reach a site.

Bought a couple of rolls of that non-slippy matting from the pound shop,cut it to fit and glued it down.

Job done.

If you buy it from Poundland you will need two rolls.


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hillside Park

Just had four nights at Hillside Park northeast of Thirsk in North Yorkshire.

We have been to this site previously and it is a haven of peace and quiet at this time of the year,can't speak for the summer months though.

We had one of their extra large pitches which gives much more extra space to move around in,the drawback is that they are a bit away from the wash block,not too bad on a sunny day but when the wind is a-blowin and the rain pouring down....................,SWMBO much prefers on-site showers to the one in the van.

As far as us men are concerned there are only two toilets and two showers for a fifty pitch site which could be a bit busy on an August Bank Holiday Monday.

Must admit I am glad I had the Paintseal applied as the van was filthy when we got there but soon polished up after a wipe with a damp microfibre cloth.

Only one slight problem with the Cadiz in that the wardrobe door must have swelled a bit in the recent damp weather having left it open to let the air circulate.

Anyway after a day of warmth and a bit of jiggery-pokery with a screwdriver and the lock I managed to sort it out.

Have now left it shut whilst in storage.

We managed to awake Mr.Phantom from his slumbers when SWMBO stood on the alarm fob,I will give them credit as I received a phone call within minutes.

Took in a visit to Catterick Caravans ( free tea coffee and pizza ) and Ropers and purchased some decent pegs.

Got some like this :-

They are the bees knees compared with the hooked spindly things I have been using to supplement our supply of proper rock pegs.

They fit nicely into the holes at the bottom of Isabella awning poles,the other ones just bent on a hard-standing pitch.

Isabella sell them,of course at a price,but they are available more cheaply in packs or singly.


Monday, 2 November 2015

Fridge Vent Securing Doo-Dahs.

I have just been reading and participating in a discussion on Caravan Talk about Unicorn 3 fridge vents and the ridiculous price the seem to be ( over £44 per pair plus postage from Bailey ).

Now I am forever fumbling around for the small plastic securing thingies which fall out quite readily and it is only a matter of time before I lose one or some.

Someone mentioned that they were available as spares so,thinking they would only be a few coppers I thought I would get a few just in case.

I then checked the price on the Dometic site ( not going to be the cheapest place granted ) where they are,wait for it..................................£6.23 each plus £4.99 postage.

Fridge Vent Retainers.

I think I will make sure I don't lose the originals.

There are cheaper sources on E Bay at around £2 or so each,even this I think is steep.