Friday, 27 March 2015

The Wait Goes On....................

Got a letter from the dealers today to inform us that the Cadiz will not be at the dealers until 11th.May.

Will I suppose be another week or so to fit the mover we won't get it till about 16th-17th May or so.

Seems a long way from the February date we were originally given,then March,then April and to say we orderd it on the 15th.October,that's seven months.

Nothing to be done about it but SWMBO is NOT happy to say the least.


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Towing Cover

Recently treated ourselves to a front towing cover.

Never used one before but the front of the Orion used to get plastered with flies,bugs and the like which were difficult to clean off.

I also thought that it may prevent a stone damaging the front window which I imagine won't be anywhere near cheap to replace so,as I told SWMBO,it is really an investment not an extravagance.

Got a Pro-Tec direct from Bailey,very good service,ordered 1pm and delivered at 10:20 am the following day.

Bailey/Pro-Tec Towing Cover


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Tow Ball Rust.

On our Passat Alltrack we have the VW factory fitted retractable towball.

I have noticed that the ball ( with paint removed obviously ) tends to get very rusty in parts when stored,even with an Al-KO rubber towball cover fitted.

I have cleaned the ball up but the marks left by the rust are still just visible but the ball is now OK to use.

Have placed a small polythene bag over the ball secured with the Al-KO towball cover to see if it prevents rust.

My point is that before the first trips of the season it may pay just to have a look at the tow ball if you have this one fitted as it took a little while to clean up which is not what you want to be doing when your nearest and dearest ( or the wife ) is eager to be on their way.


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Might Be Good News...........................

In case anyone didn't read it,Bill Tweedie sent a message which I repeat below :

I spoke with the dealer today. Apparently Bailey are releasing Unicorns early because they have stopped producing Pegasus models and are only selling the Pegasus from national stock levels; production was increased accordingly to Unicorns which are more popular. This explains why mine appeared early and hopefully yours will also .
He went on to say the Pegasus is due a revamp this year; the Pursuit next year and the the Unicorn the following. The Unicorn has been more popular than they anticipated. 

So it may be a bit of good news after months of waiting.