Monday, 5 October 2015

Durham Again

Recently returned from three nights at Durham Grange.

A last minute decision as the weather was so pleasant it seemed a shame to waste it.

Another tramp round the fashion shops of Durham ( why can't they provide comfy chairs for weary husbands,I am sure trade would increase ),also took in the rest of Beamish that we didn't get to see last time,free entry for a year after all.

No problems with the Cadiz apart from replacing the cooker top bumper kindly provided by Thetford and mopping up the Elsan Organic fluid in the gas locker that had leaked from the old milk container I had foolishly stored it in,replaced by a Nalgene bottle from Cotswold,it won't leak again.

We usually put on the towing cover the night before we leave especially if it is forecast to rain in the morning but of course this means we can't see out of the front windows.

It occurred to me as to why Pro-Tec,Specialised etc.can't make a cover with a transparent window in the middle so you could see out.

A fortune to be made there for someone.


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