Monday, 19 October 2015

Chapel Lane & Fridge Revelation

We have just returned from three nights at Chapel Lane CC site just south of Birmingham where as previously mentioned we attended the NEC Caravan and Motorhome Show.

This site is excellent and surprisingly rural considering its locality is very close to Birmingham,the only problem being inconsiderate dog owners allowing their pets to leave little parcels around the site.

The Cadiz was faultless apart from the microwave blowing a fuse for some reason but this was soon rectified.

Now for the fridge.

When we collected the Cadiz there was a plastic envelope containing three sets of "white fingery things" and a length of clear plastic like this :-

We could never fathom out where the "white fingery things" went until a glance into the same fridge at the show revealed all.

They go in the shelves to stop jars etc. rattling about :-

We had friends over to visit one afternoon who rapidly worked out that the clear plastic thing fitted lengthways down the salad/vegetable drawer at the bottom of the fridge so dividing fruit from vegetables.

Now doubtless there are many of you who have been travelling in your Cadiz's since day one with these refinements firmly in place and now consider SWMBO and I as a pair of dunderheads not fit to pull a Christmas cracker let alone a caravan,but it is what it is,an ex-midwife and a 2:1 Honours Degree graduate pulled up short by bits of plastic in a fridge.


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