Sunday, 23 July 2017

Damp Meter

Have been considering for a while in investing in a damp meter for obvious reasons.

The Protimeter is the bees knees one evidently but it comes at a price,round about £180-£200+.

I bid for a couple of Protimeter Minis on E-Bay but didn't win.

I then stumbled across some much cheaper meters,also on E-Bay :-

Cheap Damp Meters

Bought one of these for £6.99 including batteries and free postage:-

Now I don't suppose it is all singing and dancing like the Protimeter but it certainly does the job,including ambient temperture readings, and is about £170 cheaper,the only slight drawback I have discovered is that it doesn't "hold" the reading so you have to look at it while it is stuck into the wood which is hands and knees job when doing the floor under the van ( which along with the inside floor is the only place you can check on an Alu-Tech van the walls being GRP coated ).

Will now be entering compulsive/obsessive mode.



There has been discussion on Caravan Talk recently about what is and what isn't included in the MIRO ( Mass In Running Order ).

Just a reminder,if you refer to the Bailey Handbook,Page 11 of the Service Manual section at the back,there is an explanation of what Bailey include in the MIRO.

There is also a short list of the weights of typical items carried which need to come out of the payload.



Just in case anyone is remotely interested the Isabella Magnum awning has been sold to Colin of Scotland.

I hope you enjoy it Colin and wife.


Saturday, 22 July 2017

New Unicorn 4 On Bailey Website.

As of yesterday the new Unicorn 4 is available to view on the Bailey website :-

To me it doesn't look as dramatically different as it did on the sneaked preview photos.

I like the exterior design,it looks uncluttered and fresh and prefer the black repositioned grab handles and the full width one across the back.

Sticking to the Cadiz,the interior remains generally much the same apart from a small cupboard and shelf to the right of the entrance door,

Bailey seem to imply that the beds/sofas etc. are the same size or longer so how they have accommodated this shelf I don't know,one for the visual inspection I suspect.

There are various cosmetic tweaks but the bad news as far as I am concerned is that the roof join is still there ( look at the video 32 secs. in where it shows the roof ),there is no composite floor,or if there is Bailey is keeping it a closely guarded secret,which I think there should be by now.

The other no no,which I admit is a personal dislike,is that they have chosen to put a "salad bowl" sink in the washroom which looks ridiculous and wastes space,there is a useful hanger in the shower though.

The Tracker system has been upgraded to Tracker Monitor which I think means Tracker will tell you it has been nicked by those nice swarthy gentlemen and is on its way to Ireland in a container much like the Phantom we already have,there is also a Tracker intruder alarm.

This is an improvement over the previous Tracker Retrieve which was as much good as a paper kettle.

The tyres are now "premium brand" whereas previously they were trumpeting Michelins which I suspect means "whichever is cheapest at the time".

There are now USB sockets provided and also a 42Kg weight saving over the U3.

Naturally there is a price increase of about 5% which brings the Cadiz up to £23,699 plus of course that hangover from the 1970's the "PDI & delivery charge",so all told about £24K unless you can find a dealer who knocks the delivery off but then of course there will be less room for manouvere in the discount pantomime.

All in all I think Bailey have done a fair but not marvellous job,the lack of a one-piece roof and composite floor should,in my opinion,have been addressed but I suppose from their point of view interior tweaks and cosmetic  upgrades are more likely to catch the punters eye than a roof and floor that you can't see,the lack of which will only become apparent when there are goldfish around your ankles.

It will be interesting to view it in the flesh at the NEC show in October but as it stands I can't see us running out to change anytime soon.



All opinions are mine and I don't want them disagreed with,understood ?

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Front and Rear Sealing Strips

There has been some discussion on CT recently about the sealing strips between the caravan body and the lower panels front and rear.

I know this is not a waterproof joint as the lower panels are to a certain extent sacrificial in the event of damage occuring.

The strips are not very successful and to be honest look a bit of a mess at the best of times.

Some chap said he had removed them and things looked much better for it.

Before contemplating this route I wondered if anyone had some photos with them removed so I could see what it looked like.


Beechwood Grange

Just returned from a three night stay at Beechwood Grange CMC site near York.

Stopped many times previously so no further comments on the site and to be honest little on the Cadiz either.

I did feel the floor felt a little more "secure",for want of a better word,after my screw tightening episode.

Then again SWMBO lost 3 1/2 pounds at Weightwatchers last week so that may have had something to do with it.

Welcome to the blog to the two Cadiz owning ladies I was talking to ( one Scottish but everyone welcome ).

There must be a last minute buying fest of the Unicorn 3 as there were nine on the site of one sort or another,last minute discounts perhaps as the replacement imminent.


Friday, 14 July 2017

New Unicorn 4 Spotted.

If anyone uses Caravan Talk there are some pictures of the new Unicorn 4 at a service station.

Post title is "New U4 Spotted".

Can't post a link as you have to sign in.

At first glance certainly looks different to the current model.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Non Paneful Shine.

Another useful tip picked up from God knows where which seems to work very well.

When cleaning the windows,clean in the usual way and when finished wipe the windows over with Fenwicks Windowize Scratch Remover and then give a final polish with a microfibre cloth.

The windows come up sparkling,I am not saying every scratch will be removed but it certainly makes a difference.

So I read the second time you do it they come up even better,so will give it a go again next time I do the window cleaning.


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Splendid Discovery !

This is a posting in my occasional series of "something I have discovered that everybody else has been doing for years".

Whilst giving the Cadiz a tidy up I pulled out the slatted contraption that goes between the front seats to make up the double bed. should have seen the dust ( Larry Grayson impersonation,a 1970's camp comedian for the benefit of my younger readers ).

Anyway on pushing the slats back it occurred to me that the wooden bit at the front would make an ideal low table for drinks etc. if the pull out one above is too high.

Not a brilliant discovery at the side of Stephen Hawking's efforts but it pleased me.

Then again I am easily pleased.