Friday, 29 May 2015

WSL Wheel Bolts

When we had the Orion I upgraded to the WSL wheel bolts that now come standard on the Unicorn.

When I purchased them it came with two adaptors for removing them.

When we traded the Orion in I kept one of the adaptors as a spare for the Unicorn as only one was supplied with the van ( I thought there may have been two but I haven't found another ).

Today I checked the torque of the nuts and tried to use the adaptor from the Orion but it wouldn't fit,it looked exactly the same and fitted slightly but was very tight.

I then foolishly tapped it home with a hammer,I then checked the torque OK but when it came to remove the adaptor I couldn't get it off as it was too tight.

I had to remove the bolt and tap it of with said hammer before reapplying and torquing the bolt.

It seems strange that the older adaptor doesn't fit as I have just ordered a spare from WSL ( £5.99 plus free P&P at the moment,don't believe the £4.99 spiel,they add £1 VAT ),and they all must be the same as it didn't stipulate any different.

If I don't have a spare you can guarantee I will lose the original.


Thursday, 28 May 2015

Auto Watch 650 Caravan Alarm..............A Handy Tip

As mentioned previously,we had a Phantom Pro Active 3 tracker fitted alongside an AutoWatch 650 alarm provided by Phantom.

Auto Watch 650

Went up to storage yesterday and the alarm fob wouldn't work to switch the alarm off before opening the van,thought it was buggered.

Rang Phantom who weren't a lot of help really.

Decided to enter van,alarm went off ( Phantom picked it up whilst on the phone ).

The fob then worked to switch the alarm off.

Today I read the alarm instructions ( always a good idea ) and it turns out that if the alarm is set and 48hrs+ passes it goes into "hibernation mode" so the fobs don't work,as I found out.

It is supposed to save battery power.

The only way to sort it is what I did,open the van and use the fob,with the alarm going off and a transmission to Phantom in the process.

Seems a little silly,but you can switch "hibernation mode" off which I have done ( it's in the instructions and easy to do).

Perhaps most people don't have this set up but if you do it may be wise to sort it before a 48hr+ period elapses or you will have to trigger the alarm,and upset Phantom,to reset it.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pack Drill.

As mentioned in a previous post I treated SWMBO to a new cordless drill for winding the steadies up and down,she doesn't get much in life.

Tried it at storage for the first time today,very impressed.

Yes I know it only saves a few minutes but still impressed.

A couple of tubes at the rear wouldn't have gone amiss as the steady bolts are quite deeply set.


A Couple of Very Minor Mods.

When the chap was showing us the van we discussed the best place for a fire extinguisher,he said he didn't really like drilling into a new van so suggested this:-

I thought it rather a good idea,won't suit everyone of course but I like it.

Also attached one of these to the spare tyre so I can check the pressure without crawling under the van-

Air to Spare

Already have one on the towcar which works very well.


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Al-Ko Jack For Sale

As the title says one Al-Ko jack for sale.

Used on a Bailey Orion only a few times it is the 800Kg version,complete with bag.

THERE ARE NO BRACKETS INCLUDED,but these are available from Al-Ko for £38.98.

Jack Brackets

I know the Cadiz comes with a jack but someone may have two vans or just likes jacks.

Probably only suitable for personal collection from Wakefield,West Yorkshire.

I will put it in the post but obviously the postage costs will be high.

Price :- £30


Shower Mat........Doh!!

Just been up to storage to play with the new toy and found the shower mat wrapped in the carpets.

Strange,the chap who did the handover said they didn't come with one anymore when I queried it.

Still all sorted now,also changed the solar panel setting to 3 to charge wet cell batteries.

Have to say the instructions in the Bailey Handbook for it aren't the best in the world.


Friday, 22 May 2015

We've Got It..................We've Got It........................

The new Cadiz is now sitting proudly in our storage in all her glory.

We were at YC Leisure bright and early and had an excellent handover by Scott,there was no pressure to "get it over with" and plenty of time to go round with my check list.

There were one or two things to be sorted out which were done without any problem.

Brand new motor mover on one side provided efficiently by Reich with next day delivery.

The Phantom Pro Active 3 and alarm took twelve hours to wire in evidently so if you order one for your Cadiz bear this in mind,it is not a half-hour job.

One or two people on Caravan Talk commented on a loosley fitting mains socket with the pins arcing but I checked ours and all seems firm.

Once again there was comment about leaking locker doors,now I don't know if Bailey have changed the seals but ours are very firm to close.

One surprising thing is that it doesn't come with a shower mat which is a bit mean on a £21K van ( unless it falls out of the carpet roll of course,havent unfolded them yet ) have got one on order kindly thrown in with the cost of the van.

Towed like a dream up the A1 to our storage,that was us if we passed you.

Thanks to Dave Higgins and his team at YC Leisure,Bawtry yes there were a few obstacles to overcome but we got there in the end.

Incidentally we can recommend the cafe at YC Leisure,the food is superb if you happen to be that way.


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Saga Continues...............

Well were in line to pick up the Cadiz today but,there's always a but,when Yorkshire Caravans came to fit the Reich motor mover from the Orion,one of the motors is buggered.

The good news ( yes there is some ) is that it is three months inside the warranty period so it will be replaced free of charge,whew!!

A new motor will be delivered and fitted tomorrow post haste.

At least it has given up the ghost now and not when we got it to storage.

There has been some discussion on CT about where the motor mover isolation switch is fitted.

They have fitted ours just inside the rear locker door on the left hand side which suits me fine.

Also the wiring for the Phantom Pro Active 3 alarm and tracker was proving to be more difficult to fit than was appreciated so all in all a bit of a dud day.

However we had a look around the van whilst the work was taking place and everthing superficially seemed shipshape but it will be out with the check list on Friday now.

We were looked after by YC Leisure and treated to a very tasty free dinner for our troubles so we just need to wait two days now.


Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Eagle Has Landed.

Well the Cadiz is at the moment being fettled by YC Leisure for us to pick up later in the week.

It was still a day later than planned as the delivery driver had reached his driving hours.

So will be there on in a few days with check list in hand.

I hope it is perfect ( or as near perfect as Bailey can make it ).


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The End Is In Sight.................................

Have been informed by Bailey boss man Simon Howard no less that the Cadiz is on the transporter for delivery today................hooray.

Have also sorted out with Bailey a few things to ease the pain of the long wait.

Won't go into details but I shall sum it up in one word....................Twitter.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Could This Be It......................

Contacted the dealer today who say the Cadiz should arrive there next Tuesday according to Bailey.

Then again I wouldn't believe Bailey if they said today was Thursday ( which it is ) so we shall have to see.

Bailey have seriously gone down in my estimation,they just don't appear to care one jot.

If it doesn't arrive then serious discussions are going to take place.

I have even thought of packing caravanning up altogether as this ridiculous delay ( or "slippage" as Bailey call it ) has really taken the shine off getting a new van and I sometimes wish we hadn't  bothered,seven months wait is not acceptable.

For £21K we could have had half a dozen Caribbean cruises.