Wednesday, 14 October 2015

ProTec Towing Cover

A  couple of posts back I suggested it would be a good idea if a towing cover could be made with a transparent window in it.

I e-mailed ProTec and suggested it and got a rather curt e-mail in reply saying this wouldn't be possible.

Oh well.



  1. I have a Specialised cover; and had one for the Orion also. I have in the past fitted it the night before ,especially if the weather on leaving was going to be bad. With the new cover I dont bother as it takes about 2 mins to fit, and keeps me out of the wifes way whilst she stows the inside.
    It is very dark when fitted and warmer in winter.I have noticed at my storage a couple of vans leave them on.I wouldn't as debris has a better opportunity to fall behind and then rub on the window when you travel. Best in my mind to fit when needed. I stow mine in the gas locker, a great space.

  2. Bill,

    I usually put the cover on the day before when I visit our storage.Yes I have noticed that some people leave theirs on but I don't want to risk theft.
    On the ProTec site it says that they have wrapped a drill in the cloth and tried to mark a window but haven't succeeded.
    When we were at Durham the chap next door had a Specialized but I was surprised that it didn't reach as far up the window as our Pro Tec,in fact it was quite short,ours just about covers the front window.