Saturday, 20 May 2017

Bar Keepers Friend

If anyone has a stained sink from coffee,tea stains etc. like we had,try a bit of Bar Keepers Friend to clean it up.

Cleaned ours up today and it did a very good job without scratching or a lot of elbow grease.


Monday, 15 May 2017

Second Service

Well had the second service expertly carried out today by:-


All appears to be in order.

The moisture meter readings generally were a bit higher than last year but it was pouring with rain at the time so I am happy with that.

Also had the Alde fluid changed for five year stuff so everything done for another year.


Sunday, 14 May 2017


What I am about to post many people will be using already but I have just "discovered" them as I am always the last to know.

When I was working I never knew anyone was pregnant till they were in the last throes of labour.

Anyway I have discovered Flash Anti Bacterial wipes are very useful for wiping lockers out,wiping the floor and many other applications ( inc. little accidents around the toilet when the grand kids are there).


The best place to get them from is the pound shop where you will be amazed to discover they are only a pound.

Disclaimer :- Other brands of wipes are of course available and from other outlets.


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Cleaning Shower Roof Vent

I have been asked if I could post this link to some detailed instructions as to how to remove and clean the roof vent which is over the shower so here it is :-

Cleaning Shower Roof Vent

I have not done this myself,yet personal responsibility etc.

The most useful description is Post #13.


Monday, 1 May 2017

Salisbury Hillside

Just returned from five nights at Salisbury Hillside C&MC site.

This was our first visit to what is a very pleasant site although as the name implies it is situated on a hillside so for those with limited mobility there is a bit of a steep climb up to the toilets/shop from the bottom of the site..

There is an open area at the top of the site but most of the pitches are lower down arranged in small alcoves set among trees which gives the lie to C&MC sites being regimented.

The only slight drawback,as I have mentioned previously,is the tree cover which could do with being cut back to allow more sunlight in which would improve things greatly.

TV reception is a bit patchy,we had perfect reception but a couple across the way could get nothing.

There is no Wi-Fi but surprisingly 4G on O2 is very good.

As for the Cadiz the only thing that occured is that the Alde panel had a dicky fit when I first turned it on,none of the settings were the same as when I turned it off,anyway I reset the panel,redid the settings and all was well once more.

For the first time since we have had the Cadiz I felt the Al-Ko ATC activate when I hit a pothole on the A34,at least I know it works.