Monday, 16 July 2018

Hawes CMC Site

We have just enjoyed four nights at Hawes CMC site in the Yorkshire Dales a lovely well kept site up to the usual standards of the CMC.

If you like cheese a visit to the Wensleydale Creamery is recommended where you can stuff your face with free cheese till you are sick.

Those who follow my Twitter feed will be aware that both SWMBO and I had had a touch of the threepennys whilst we were there but thankfully all resolved now.

Also the day before we set off I blew the jockey wheel tyre up,they do go off with a bit of a bang it has to be said,luckily I had a spare jockey wheel.

Apart from tightening a loose furniture screw all was well with the Cadiz but the mains inlet cover has broken a hinge so that needs replacing at some point,not urgent though.


Saturday, 7 July 2018

Toilet Repairs

Just came across these Thetford toilet repair instructions which may be useful to somebody :-

Thetford Repair.



For a good while SWMBO has been hankering after a Cadac,personally I can't do with this mania for barbecuing,cooking is what ovens and kitchens are for,but anyway a "happy wife is a happy life"as they say so eventually I purchased a Cadac Safari Chef Lite.

I must admit it is a neat piece of kit,it doesn't come with the gas tube though and if connecting to the BBQ point on the Cadiz you will need a quick release connection like this:-

They are three pounds or so off E-Bay.

I am sure when we bought the van there was one provided in the little gas tap locker but naturally I can't find it now.

If you are thinking of purchasing the Cadac the cheapest I could find was Go Outdoors at £90,if you are a member of the CC&C you can get an extra 10% off but of course I didn't find out about this till later.

Anyway will give it a try on our next trip.


Monday, 2 July 2018

The Firs and Additions

Came back yesterday from five days at The Firs CMC site near Belper in Derbyshire.

We have been before but just to reiterate that this is a cracking little site,spotless with very friendly wardens,the glorious weather helped of course.

Even got the satellite dish up and running.

( Incidentally I recently read of an easier way to set it up to get Astra 2.
 When you get it set up with the dish pointing south turn it as far east as it will go then slowly bring it back and Astra 2 is the first satellite you should hit as there are various others up there to confuse things ).

Nearby is the Tramway Museum and Heage Windmill both worth a visit.

Nothing of note Cadiz wise but here are a couple of recent additions to my caravan gizmo's.

Decided to equip the Avtex TV with an Avtex soundbar which projects the sound forward as the Avtex like all slimline TV's these days has the speakers at the rear.

It fits with the provided bracket to the bottom of the TV using the holes where a stand would fit.

Works very well plus we also use it on the TV at home in between trips.

To keep the Aquaroll water clean and just as important the van pipework free of biofilm I have,since we started caravanning,used Elsil.

Nothing wrong with Elsil at all but I get through a fair few bottles a year at about £7-£8 a time so it works out quite expensive over the year plus you have to remember to add it.

Decided to go down the route of an Aquaroll Filter which is not a filter as such but uses silver ions to do much the same as the Elsil does.

Just drop it in the Aquaroll and it does its wonders for a whole season.

If purchasing try E-Bay first as mine was £21 wheras on the Aquaroll site they are £39.


Friday, 29 June 2018

Isabella Magnum Eclipse Sun Shade Reduction

Due to  there being no response I am reducing the price of my Isabella Eclipse Sun Shade from £150 to £130.

Same applies to transportation if necessary,buyer collects or arranges collection.


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Isabella : A1

As per my previous posting I sent the Eclipse sun shade off to Isabella for repair on Monday about 2pm.

Got a call yesterday morning ( Tuesday ) to say the work was completed.

Arrived back today ( Wednesday ) at 11:30pm,damaged pole replaced as well.

That is what I call good service and all for a very reasonable price.

Excellent Isabella.


Sunday, 17 June 2018

Berwick Seaview and Storm Hector

Just had four nights at Berwick Seaview CMC site in Northumberland.

Been before so won't dwell on the site except to say there was once again a fair smattering of Unicorn 3's there,they still seem very popular.

All OK with the Cadiz,just had to reglue a seal on the front  side locker.

Whilst there we encountered Storm Hector during which very strong winds were forecast for about twenty four hours.

On arrival I had put up our Isabella Eclipse sun shade with six guys and three Isabella Stormband storm guys in preparation.

Right on cue during the evening the winds increased but despite the canvas flapping about the framework never moved.

This was the story overnight and during the next morning,canvas flapping but no frame movememt at all.

About 12:15 we decided to go for a walk into Berwick,returning about 5pm.

Arrived back at the van and yes you've guessed it the Eclipse had gone.

Evidently it had come loose only about half an hour after we left and our neighbours had kindly dismantled it before it did too much damage.

The problem it turned out was that two of the guy attachments had pulled out and the canvas was ready to take off.

In all not too much damage,a few scratches to the van and windows which I managed to polish out and the Eclipse is going back to Isabella tomorrow to be repaired.

Why do things happen as soon as you turn your back ?

Anyway a bit of a lesson learned and we were more fortunate than another couple of people on the site one of whom literally had his awning torn to shreds and another where it went over the roof.