Monday, 14 May 2018

Lights For Sale

As mentioned previously I have had the corner spots changed for the U4 ones.

If anyone wants to buy a U3 spot then they are on sale for a fiver plus £2 postage or you can collect them for £5.



The Cadiz underwent its yearly service today by my mobile man,very pleased to find there was no hint of damp at all,dry as the proverbial bone.

Also had the fridge serviced as it hasn't been touched for three years so thought I might as well.

The new Bailey spotlights/USB's were also fitted to the four corners,looks very good.

Heres to another year of trouble free caravanning or perhaps I shouldn't have said that.


Teeside Barnard Castle

Returned yesterday from four nights at the CMC site at Barnard Castle.

This site is a credit to the CMC,it is so clean neat and tidy.

One thing it has which other sites could do well to follow is a drying room,saves messing with washing lines and wet clothes.

Needless to say I had taken the rotary washing line.

The Cadiz was perfect from start to finish,it was in good company as there were five others on site,all Mk.3's.

Even got the satellite dish up and running,couldn't find "Say Yes To The Dress" for SMWBO though,she was less amused when I managed to locate Babenation.

Just awaiting for the Isabella canopy to be swapped for a smaller size but the principle of the thing is very good,somewhere to sit outside even if it rains,excellent.

Watching other caravanners,one thing always surprises me.

Why pay extra for a serviced pitch and then not use the services you have paid for,have seen it on a lot of sites and this was no exception,the site was not full so there were plenty of standard pitches available.

Nowt' so queer as folk as they say.


Thursday, 10 May 2018

Eclipse Canopy Update

Isabella have agreed to swap the G20 ( 1050cm ) Eclipse sun canopy for a G19 ( 1025cm ) one so we will see how that fits.

They also said that if it doesn't fit they will send someone out to have a look at the van.

Isabella are a very good firm to deal with.

Will post a further update when I have installed the replacement one.


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Isabella Eclipse Sun Canopy

We have recently purchased an Isabella Eclipse full length sun canopy to fit directly to the van.

Having checked the size with Isabella ( 1050 cm G20 ) there is a possibility this may be the wrong size.

Have been in contact with Isabella/dealer awaiting the outcome so if you are considering purchasing one for your Cadiz perhaps you may want to wait a bit.

I will update the blog as to the outcome.


Monday, 7 May 2018

Anti Rust Corrosion Paper

Although we have a retractable VW towball on the Alltrack it still gets rusty between use despite having an Al-KO tow ball cover in situ.

Up until now I have applied grease to the ball which I then clean off prior to use.

A poster on CT suggested a seemingly good idea and that is the wrap the ball in anti-corrosion paper,something that up till now I have not heard of,prior to fitting the cap.

This stuff is as cheap as chips on Amazon :-


Anyway I have sent for some and will keep you all posted on how it goes,a lot less fiddly and cleaner than grease,hopefully.


Thursday, 3 May 2018

Calor Lite

As most caravanners will by now know,Calor are phasing out Calor Lite gas cylinders due to,I believe,quality control problems.

There is supposedly a new lightweight cylinder due out sometime this year.

There have been postings on Caravan Talk about people not being able to get their hands on replacement Lites but I had to replace a cylinder yesterday in Castleford (Davison & Robinson on Aire St. if anyone needs to know ) who appeared to have a number of Lites available so they are out there if anyone needs one.