Thursday, 28 December 2017

Beechwood Grange Upgrade.

For those that aren't aware Beechwood Grange,one of our favourite sites,is closed until September 2018 for an upgrade which is going to include a brand new toilet block and various other improvements.

Full details on the C&MC site.

We usually use it as our first trip of the season but may try Knaresborough instead,alternatively there is a private adults only site not far from Beechwood so may give that a go.



No not a posting about bowels.

Now that we have emerged blinking into the sunny uplands of post Christmas sobriety it is time to once again turn our attention to the caravan.

For those that haven't had the van turn a wheel since late October or November it may be time to think of moving it a foot or two to change the pressure point on the tyres.

Supposedly this lessens the chance of a flat spot on the tyres but I must admit I have never come across anyone complaining of a flat spot if they haven't moved it but it will make you feel better,get you out of the house and therfore avoid any matrimonial bollockings, and you will be able to check that the mover is still in full working order.

Did ours today and also measured up for a longer draught skirt for the awning after I destroyed the original.

The standard length as supplied by Isabella is 3.5m but I may extend it to 5.5m then it will reach to front of the van thereby stopping draughts when sitting out.

If it proves to be too long I can always shorten it.


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Gap Sorted.

With reference to the last blog entry the "gap" problem has been resolved.

If your van is located at home this will give you a little project to do on Christmas Day when the relatives you haven't seen for ten years ,with good reason,are getting on your wick.

First I purchased some plastic covered chicken wire from Homebase,cost £6 odd.

B&Q sell much the same but it is over double the price,this is for the rich people down south.

Next cut a length of the mesh the same length as the gap ( 1.8m ) and two squares wide.

You will need some wire cutters of some sort,thanks to Mr.Roscoe and his garage full of tools we were well catered for in that department

Bend the mesh so it is at a right angle.

Then simply slot it down behind the backboard to cover the gap.

The backrest cushions will cover it up and after having tested it by dropping stuff on it it seems to work.

Hopefully no more fishing down to the Alde radiator to retrieve flotsam and jetsam.

It is easily removable should the need arise and it won't stop the heat rising.

Repeat of course for the other side.

I didn't do the rear ones adjacent to the bunks as we don't seem to have a problem with them but of course you can if you want.

A Merry Christmas to all my readers so while the wife peels the sprouts it's out to the van.

Ours is in storage five miles away so no escape for me.


Thursday, 14 December 2017

That Damn Gap!!

Like most Unicorn 3 owners I suspect we have at times dropped articles down the gap between the side of the van and the back boards entailing a knuckle ripping struggle to retrieve them from the welcoming jaws of the Alde fins..

Yes they've all been down it,TV remote control,pens,pencils,children's model car ( no I believe it was an ice cream van ) at some time or another.

Been thinking of a way to combat this and came up with the idea of placing a strip of plastic covered chicken wire type stuff in the gap so it will catch the fallen objects but still let the heat through.

Something like this:-

Before I lash out £14.60 for a roll from B&Q I wondered firstly if anyone could see any problems with this and secondly had thought of a different or better solution.

I am not intending to permanently fix it just rest it on the vertical wooden supports so if it needs to be removed it can be done so easily.

Any thoughts anyone ?


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Durham Grange

Have finished our season off with a three night visit to the C&MC site at Durham Grange.

For late in the season the site was surprisingly full.

Had a visit to Seaham which is only twelve miles away on the coast which is a very pleasant clean and tidy little place spoilt only by a large shopping mall but that is the way of things these days I suppose.

Lord Byron had a long weekend there at one time I think as the the local council seem to have gone overboard on it,Lord Byron this and Lord Byron that.

Another bit of gluing undertaken in the van for a set of wires that had fallen down in the TV ariel cupboard otherwise all well.

Well I say all was well,I managed to rip the Isabella draught skirt in half when it caught on a peg and I kept pulling,a purchase for the Manchester caravan show I think.

All cleaned and put away until the new year.


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Solar Panel & Window/Locker Seals

This is just a reminder for those who are perhaps new(ish) to caravanning  regarding the solar panel and the window rubbers/locker seals.

At this time of the year it is useful to give the solar panel a wipe over as the sun is lower in the sky and evident on far fewer days than the summer.

This will maximise its efficiency and keep the battery  in good condition over the winter months.

Secondly give the window rubbers and locker seals a spray with silicone ( Thetford toilet seal spray is good ) or use a proprietary product made for the job.

This will keep them supple,eliminate cracking and hopefully guard against window leaks.

I use a VW product which comes in a small canister which is wiped around the rubber thus eliminating overspray on the van which is what you get if you use a spray.

As our van is Paintsealed I didn't want to risk it harming the sealant.

So there you have it,two little jobs to prepare for winter.

You have drained it down properly,including the toilet flush, haven't you ?


Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Quite a few people on Caravan talk have commented that their AL-KO ATC LED has given up the ghost and needed to be replaced.

Ours was replaced a few months from new but has been OK since.

It has been suggested that one of the reasons is that the LED casing is not waterproof,water gets in around the rim and there you have it,twenty odd pounds if you don't mind sir.

Some diehard blog readers may remember my attempt to keep water out by gluing a small clear medicine pot over the light but that didn't survive the first tow.

Someone on CT mentioned running a small bead of sealant around the rim to waterproof it so I gave it a try today.




The pics don't add much to the description but it brightens the post up a bit.

Give it a try,it doesn't cost much/anything.