Saturday, 14 April 2018

Another "Must Not Miss" For Sale Item

I have for sale an Isabella Eclipse Magnum sun shade,like this one :-

Eclipse Magnum

It will fit onto the front of an Isabella Magnum awning or,as we have used it,direct to the side of the van.

Very good condition,comes with the canopy itself,two FixOns,Carbon X poles, F-Links ( for attaching it to the awning front ),screwdriver ( for tightening the F Links ),three Isabella storm guys,three large plastic pegs and a grey standard issue drawstring Isabella bag to put it all in.

Here is a video of it in action :-

Eclipse Magnum Installation

All this for the amazing price of £150,yes that's right £150.

Collection from Wakefield,West Yorkshire is of course free,if you require it to be posted then the buyer arranges collection,payment by cash or Paypal preferred.

Would make an ideal birthday present for the wife,she might think she is getting an expensive dress or shoes but watch her eyes widen when the Eclipse is opened on birthday morning.


Friday, 6 April 2018

Durham Grange

Just returned from five nights at Durham Grange CMC site.

It was originally to have been Hawes CMC site but heavy snow was forecast for there and as the approach is via narrowish lanes we decided to swap venue.

Mind you we had our fair share of bad weather in Durham but fortunately no lying snow.

When we arrived it was like a Unicorn 3  convention,there were eleven on site including ours,just goes to show how popular these vans were.

Incidentally was talking to a chap on an adjacent pitch who had a Unicorn 4,he told me that to get a TV bracket fitted to it was over £100,and that is just for one,if you want another for the bedroom side of the fridge it is of course double that.
Not so easy to fit yourself evidently as you have to drill at precise points according to a template to fit the bracket.
Why Bailey scrapped the fitting in the U3 I don't know,great bit of kit IMHO.

Anyway,well pleased with the Cadiz on our first trip of the season,nil to report all systems functional.

With reference to my previous post regarding collapsed axles David Mantell,one of my correspondents,suggested that perhaps it would be best to measure clearance when the van was loaded.

Had a go at this whilst we were out and all appears to be in order fortunately.


Saturday, 31 March 2018

Collapsed Axles

There has been a fair bit of discussion on Caravan Talk,Bailey Owners Club and probably other forums regarding "collapsed" axles on Mk 3 Unicorns and I think others from the Bailey range.

I am not going to go into great detail as it tends to become a bit technical and I am no expert on the matter,I put up this post so as to make owners aware and anyone who wants to take it further can do so at their leisure.

The top and bottom of it appears to be that the axle appears to settle too much on the rubber supporting bushes so that the top of the tyre rubs against the top of the wheelbox when the van is loaded thereby creating a hole for water and damp.

At first Bailey appeared to blame it on overloading but both they and Al-Ko appear to have come round to the view that there is a problem and have started replacing affected axles.

The clearance from the top of the tyre and the wheelbox should be 25mm,here is a guide to measurement :-

As I say people have been going into it much deeper than this but this is the nub of it.

I have measured our clearance and it seems to be OK,from what has been said there was a bad batch of axles,hopefully ours,and yours,isn't one of them.


Thursday, 15 March 2018


Just a reminder for any new readers,if you click on my photo's they come up full screen in glorious Technicolour for your delight and delectation.


Strip Replacement

As appears to be usual on the Unicorn 3 range the white strips front and rear which cover the gap between the caravan bodywork and the front bumpers were beginning to look a bit grim.

Replacement strips are available from the Bailey Parts ( Prima Leisure ) site at a cost of about a fiver ( Part Number :- 1132588 ) for a 2.5m length,you will need two one for the back and one for the front.

However before you dash off to increase the contents of Mr.Bailey's pockets,wait awhile.

This is the state they were in prior to removal,I started at the rear first:-

Unfortunately the side sections appear to be well fixed to the van so I left them alone and just  concentrated on the long centre section,this applied to both back and front:-

The centre section pulls out easily enough leaving a small gap that had its fair share of gunge,crud and crap in it which I removed with an old credit card and wiped it clean with a cloth.

Now comes the money saving bit,when they are removed it leaves a small gap which doesn't look too bad without the strip.

I fact if I was doing it again I would be tempted to just leave it but as I had the strips I ploughed on.

The new strip is fiddly to apply and would have been easier in warmer weather but had it sorted eventually :-

That was the back done so it was on to the front,pulled the centre strip out and once again it was concealing a dung heap.

Now after much trying we couldn't get the front seal to fit properly for some reason so left it without the strip which I may try reapplying in warmer weather but actually it looks OK without in my opinion :-


So to sum up the strips look a bit of a mess as were so removing/replacing them is a good idea and it looks a lot cleaner without them,whether you bother with new ones is of course a personal decision but it does look OK without and after all the strips are only "decorative" and don't provide any waterproofing so it is up to you.

The basic design is a bit of an abortion really and I note they have gone on the U4 to be replaced by a smooth front one of the few things I like about the U4.


Air To Spare Offer

I have been sent this e-mail by David the proprietor of Air to Spare :

Good evening folks,

I thought I’d let you know that I’m having a sale at the moment, I’ve reduced the price of each Air to Spare by 40%.

If you fancy one (or more!) then please use the link I posted in the blog to my eBay page.

Many thanks.


( This is not a recommendation for Air to Spare and no money has changed hands I am just reproducing the mail for anyone who is interested ).


Thursday, 1 March 2018

Air To Spare Contd ( Again )

I have receved an e-mail from the proprietor of Air To Spare which I reproduce below :-

Good afternoon folks,

Air to Spare is absolutely still trading following a change of ownership; I’m David, the new owner.

The technical issues with the website will be resolved soon but meanwhile please use our eBay outlet David has linked to above and save yourself the P&P costs.

The intention was always to create a product that was better that the competition both in terms of quality of components and the length of available hose and that is what we’ve achieved.

The most recent batch of Air to Spares was posted last weekend and a huge thank you goes out from me to all of our customers.

If you have any questions you can contact me via eBay messaging or at

Many thanks.