Sunday, 26 November 2017

Durham Grange

Have finished our season off with a three night visit to the C&MC site at Durham Grange.

For late in the season the site was surprisingly full.

Had a visit to Seaham which is only twelve miles away on the coast which is a very pleasant clean and tidy little place spoilt only by a large shopping mall but that is the way of things these days I suppose.

Lord Byron had a long weekend there at one time I think as the the local council seem to have gone overboard on it,Lord Byron this and Lord Byron that.

Another bit of gluing undertaken in the van for a set of wires that had fallen down in the TV ariel cupboard otherwise all well.

Well I say all was well,I managed to rip the Isabella draught skirt in half when it caught on a peg and I kept pulling,a purchase for the Manchester caravan show I think.

All cleaned and put away until the new year.


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Solar Panel & Window/Locker Seals

This is just a reminder for those who are perhaps new(ish) to caravanning  regarding the solar panel and the window rubbers/locker seals.

At this time of the year it is useful to give the solar panel a wipe over as the sun is lower in the sky and evident on far fewer days than the summer.

This will maximise its efficiency and keep the battery  in good condition over the winter months.

Secondly give the window rubbers and locker seals a spray with silicone ( Thetford toilet seal spray is good ) or use a proprietary product made for the job.

This will keep them supple,eliminate cracking and hopefully guard against window leaks.

I use a VW product which comes in a small canister which is wiped around the rubber thus eliminating overspray on the van which is what you get if you use a spray.

As our van is Paintsealed I didn't want to risk it harming the sealant.

So there you have it,two little jobs to prepare for winter.

You have drained it down properly,including the toilet flush, haven't you ?


Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Quite a few people on Caravan talk have commented that their AL-KO ATC LED has given up the ghost and needed to be replaced.

Ours was replaced a few months from new but has been OK since.

It has been suggested that one of the reasons is that the LED casing is not waterproof,water gets in around the rim and there you have it,twenty odd pounds if you don't mind sir.

Some diehard blog readers may remember my attempt to keep water out by gluing a small clear medicine pot over the light but that didn't survive the first tow.

Someone on CT mentioned running a small bead of sealant around the rim to waterproof it so I gave it a try today.




The pics don't add much to the description but it brightens the post up a bit.

Give it a try,it doesn't cost much/anything.


Monday, 30 October 2017

Beechwood Grange

We have just had four nights at Beechwood Grange,the C&MC site near York.

We have stayed many times before so little to say about the site apart from the fact that some people don't deserve clean and tidy washroom facilities and insist on leaving them a complete mess for other people.

What is wrong with these folk,do they live like that at home,probably so.

Anyway the Cadiz was perfect throughout the trip,not even a re-gluing needed,just a minor problem with our new windbreak which is being sorted by Isabella under warranty.

The march of the motorhomes continues,we had an enormous one parked next to us,it must have been like driving a bus.


Saturday, 21 October 2017

Chapel Lane & The NEC

Yesterday we returned from two nights at Chapel Lane CAMC site just south of Birmingham which we used as a base for a visit to the NEC show.

We should originally have returned today ( Saturday ) but a scan at the weather forecast and the approach of Hurricane Brian and the prediction of 40+ mph gusts altered our plans.

( As an aside which prat started naming these weather events,we used to have a bit of wind and rain,now it's "Hurricane So and So" breathlessly repeated over and over by wild eyed weather men,potty )

Anyway we visited the show on Thursday and became immersed in a constant round of in and out of caravans and motorhomes.

Had a further look at the U4 Cadiz and a second viewing did not improve my overall impression of it,the new Pegasus GT70 Rimini however was in my opinion the better of the two except it has blown air heating instead of the Unicorns Alde of which I am very much a fan.

I intended to take some video to post on the blog using my sparkling new smart phone which sadly proved too smart for me on this occasion as I got about two seconds of blurred footage,I will give it some practice.

One good thing about owning a Bailey is the Bailey Direct accessories and parts shop which had a presence at the show and which forced me to buy a Unicorn embossed fleece,watch out for it on site.

I had intended to add to our stable of Isabella items in the form of an Eclipse Sun Shade but SWMBO put her foot down so that was that.

After a bit of persuasion I joined the Bailey Owners Club,mainly I suppose because they have a factory visit every couple of years so I may go on that,plus 10% off Bailey Parts and accessories.

SWMBO is convinced I am the worlds most miserable unsociable man ever to walk the Earth so we may have to attend a rally next year to prove her wrong,hope they aren't like those TV programmes.

Deep down SWMBO has always hankered after a motorhome and has now set her sights on a Bailey Autograph 79-4 T,all we need to do now is find the £60K to buy one.

The sheer number and variation of motorhomes on the market is now staggering,one wonders if they will eventually outnumber caravans in the leisure market.


Friday, 13 October 2017

New Pegasus GT70 Rimini

Bailey has just brought out a new Pegasus range,the GT70,which will present at the NEC show next week

I have just been looking at the Rimini,which is the single fixed bed version,and it seems to me that it is very similar to the Unicorn 3 Cadiz,which is no bad thing.

Naturally I am only going from the Bailey puffery and not seen it in the flesh but at least the silly bathroom sink isn't there,three cheers for that,also has a window in the bathroom

No Alde heating though but Al-KO ATC is there as standard.

Have a butchers and see what you think:-

Pegasus GT70 Rimini.


Sunday, 1 October 2017


We have just returned from four nights at Chatsworth CMC site.

This is very pleasant,but hard to book,site but it suffers from my perennial complaint about some sites in the fact that most of the perimeter pitches are well overhung by large trees.

If visiting,the preferred pitches are to the top and centre of the site,the bottom half tends to be a bit soggy as it doesn't dry out after rain and boy did it rain.

Visited Chatsworth House and here is a tip,there is no longer a CMC discount but there is if you are a member of the C&CC,it's not advertised but the discount is about £5 per head.

The Cadiz was perfect apart from having to reglue the long white plastic strip at the bottom of the upper front window blind.

It has been regularly falling out for a while so I finally got round to fixing it.

Bailey must use a very poor quality of glue as I seem to be forever regluing things.

Still if they are the only problems I will live with that.

Finally for those who have barely slept thinking about it,the drip has stopped.