Sunday, 17 June 2018

Berwick Seaview and Storm Hector

Just had four nights at Berwick Seaview CMC site in Northumberland.

Been before so won't dwell on the site except to say there was once again a fair smattering of Unicorn 3's there,they still seem very popular.

All OK with the Cadiz,just had to reglue a seal on the front  side locker.

Whilst there we encountered Storm Hector during which very strong winds were forecast for about twenty four hours.

On arrival I had put up our Isabella Eclipse sun shade with six guys and three Isabella Stormband storm guys in preparation.

Right on cue during the evening the winds increased but despite the canvas flapping about the framework never moved.

This was the story overnight and during the next morning,canvas flapping but no frame movememt at all.

About 12:15 we decided to go for a walk into Berwick,returning about 5pm.

Arrived back at the van and yes you've guessed it the Eclipse had gone.

Evidently it had come loose only about half an hour after we left and our neighbours had kindly dismantled it before it did too much damage.

The problem it turned out was that two of the guy attachments had pulled out and the canvas was ready to take off.

In all not too much damage,a few scratches to the van and windows which I managed to polish out and the Eclipse is going back to Isabella tomorrow to be repaired.

Why do things happen as soon as you turn your back ?

Anyway a bit of a lesson learned and we were more fortunate than another couple of people on the site one of whom literally had his awning torn to shreds and another where it went over the roof.


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Durham Grange

Returned yesterday from a five day solo trip to the CMC site at Durham Grange.

SWMBO is visiting her sister in Greece so a bit of peace and quiet.

Nothing to say about the site,visited many times but just to mention that I wish people would keep control of their yappy little dogs,it was like a bad day at Crufts.

As has been the norm for a good while now the Cadiz proved no problem.

The new lights certainly impressed:-

I am starting to come to the conclusion that we have a good van here as apart from the roof leak,which is standard for Mk 3's I think and a replacement ATC bulb we have had nothing wrong with it.

Certainly on Caravan Talk there are some horrific tales of faulty vans although there has been much less about Bailey recently I notice,perhaps they have turned a corner.

Perhaps I shouldn't have said the above,tempting fate and all that.

The new canopy was definitely an asset,saves putting the Magnum up for a short trip and chairs etc. can be left outside with no fear of getting wet,wish I had purchased one before really.


Friday, 25 May 2018

Ecliose Magnum Sun Shade

Just a reminder that my Isabella Magnum Eclipse sun shade is still for sale.

( Bear in mind that if fitting onto an awning it is a MAGNUM canopy ).

Also fits direct to the van.


Buyer arranges collection/delivery if necessary.


Eclipse Canopy Again

Have tried out the replacement G19 size Isabella Eclipse sun canopy and it fits much better than the G20.

Old G20 Canopy

New G19 Canopy

So if you are in the market for one it is a G19 that you need.

Whether this sizing applies if you are fitting a full size awning I don't know,it may pay to check.


Monday, 14 May 2018

Lights For Sale

As mentioned previously I have had the corner spots changed for the U4 ones.

If anyone wants to buy a U3 spot then they are on sale for a fiver plus £2 postage or you can collect them for £5.



The Cadiz underwent its yearly service today by my mobile man,very pleased to find there was no hint of damp at all,dry as the proverbial bone.

Also had the fridge serviced as it hasn't been touched for three years so thought I might as well.

The new Bailey spotlights/USB's were also fitted to the four corners,looks very good.

Heres to another year of trouble free caravanning or perhaps I shouldn't have said that.


Teeside Barnard Castle

Returned yesterday from four nights at the CMC site at Barnard Castle.

This site is a credit to the CMC,it is so clean neat and tidy.

One thing it has which other sites could do well to follow is a drying room,saves messing with washing lines and wet clothes.

Needless to say I had taken the rotary washing line.

The Cadiz was perfect from start to finish,it was in good company as there were five others on site,all Mk.3's.

Even got the satellite dish up and running,couldn't find "Say Yes To The Dress" for SMWBO though,she was less amused when I managed to locate Babenation.

Just awaiting for the Isabella canopy to be swapped for a smaller size but the principle of the thing is very good,somewhere to sit outside even if it rains,excellent.

Watching other caravanners,one thing always surprises me.

Why pay extra for a serviced pitch and then not use the services you have paid for,have seen it on a lot of sites and this was no exception,the site was not full so there were plenty of standard pitches available.

Nowt' so queer as folk as they say.