Sunday, 8 November 2020

A Bit of Protection

 SWMBO has remarked,often,that the corner piece of wood forward of the semi-circular kitchen cupboard keeps getting kicked and marked,perhaps from when we put the chairs in between the front seats to travel.

Thought I would sort it out so purchased a plastic angle piece from E-Bay ( about £7 or so ) and stuck it over  the corner.

Had a bit left over as I bought a metre and the corner length is about 80cm so stuck that to the corner near the fuse box.

If you want to follow suit the depth of the corner protector is15mm and the colour I used was "Walnut" which seemed to match up pretty well.


Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Floe Induratec

 Just a bit of an early heads up.

When the Cadiz is due for a service next May I have arranged with my service man to have one of the above fitted.

Floe Induratec

At the minute I use a manual Floe which works fine but involves a bit of running about whereas with the Induratec you can flush the water from inside the van in a few minutes so I can do it every time we vacate a pitch or back in storage.

It is light in weight,under one kilogram,and I can make this up by removing the tyre compressor and manual Floe I now carry.

Anyway when the time comes I will do a review of it.

As usual I have nothing to do with Floe,only as a purchaser/user.


Sunday, 18 October 2020

FOR SALE : Isabella Net Front

 I have got an Isabella Net Front for sale.

Will fit an Isabella Magnum Coal and I believe an ordinary Magnum as well as the difference is in the depth from the van not the width.

Brand new,never even been unfolded.

Retail price £104.00

Net Front Price

Price: £70 inc.P&P


Wednesday, 14 October 2020

That's All Folks.....................

 We have decided to call it a day for this year in the van.

We should have been at CMC Chapel Lane this seek for the NEC show but of course that has gone.

We had CMC Barnard Castle booked for this week plus CMC Poolsbrook in a couple of weeks but as we appear to be in a high risk Covid area it's not worth the hassle sadly.

Anyway I have shut the van down for winter and thought I would list what I have done in order to help newbies who may be thinking of doing the same,old hands will have their own routine I am sure.

Not everything will appeal to everybody so you can take your pick.

Bear in mind that our van is in storage.

1.Road wheels removed and replaced with winter wheels,wheels taken home and cleaned etc.

2.Water system drained ,I use a Floe.Don't forget toilet flush as well.

3.Toilet cassette removed,taken home and cleaned with Thetford Cassette Cleaner.

4.Door/locker locks given a squirt of lubricant.

5.Window and door seals treated with silicone spray.

6.All perishable food and liquids removed.

7.All sheets etc.taken home to wash.

8.All cupboard and locker doors left open to allow air to circulate.

9.Cushions upended for same reason as above.

10.Some people place condensation crystals around the van,we don't and have never had a problem.

Here's looking forward to march next year and let's hope things have looked up a bit.


Wednesday, 9 September 2020

CMC York Beechwood Grange

 Away at the minute on the above site,which is our "local" CMC site as it is only about 45 minutes from home.

Lovely site which is well tended and cared for.

Weather much better than our last outing.

Nothing much to report,the only minor disaster is the clip-on handle for our Tefal Ingenio pans called it quits,tried to repair with a video on You Tube,another ordered and coming Friday.

The site has been just about full each day so people are starting to get out and about again.


Sunday, 30 August 2020

CMC North York Moors

 Returned yesterday from three nights at CMC North York Moors,it should have been four nights but it rained so much Noah would have been proud so we decided to cut our losses.

Taking the Eclipse canopy down in what was a giant puddle with rain lashing down whipped up by the wind wasn't a load of fun but we survived and all is now dried out and put away.

If ever the Cadiz was going to leak then this would have been a golden opportunity but all fortunately remained dry.

There is no facilities block on this site so we used the van shower and toilet without any problems.

As seems usual now there was a good smattering of U3's on site and only one U4 Black Edition.

Was talking to the chap with the Black Edition who hadn't had it long and as per usual it needed to be returned to the dealer to cure some faults.

£25K or so for a new van and there always appears to be some problem or another that needs fixing.

When we bought the Cadiz I made the salesman aware that I would have a check list when we picked it up and I wasn't taking it away till I was satisfied,seemed to work as there were no immediate problems to sort out,perhaps thats the way to go when buying a van.

Anyway I hope our next trip out is a little drier than this one.


Tuesday, 11 August 2020

CMC White Water Park Teesside

 Well here we are for our second post lockdown trip to the above site.

As per usual with the CMC this is an immaculate and well run site well up to the standards of the CMC in general.

One slight irritation:there seems to be a lack of standardisation within the CMC as regards Covid precautions.

At our last CMC site in Norfolk about a fortnight ago,the site shop was stocked as normal,the information room was full of the usual books and pamphlets and visitors were allowed on the site.

Here it is the exact opposite,shop empty as is the information room and no visitors allowed.

We are away to CMC North York Moors in a week or two and that doesn't allow visitors either,all a bit confusing.

Anyway the place is very busy with,I noticed,a good number of Unicorn 3's which still seem very popular,only one U4 Black Edition seen.

My only misdemeanour this time was forgetting the end panel for the Eclipse canopy,it is still safely tucked up in the garage,which is better than last time we were here when I forgot the water pipes for the serviced pitch so paid extra and carted water about

Hope the weather remains as it has been so far.