Thursday, 15 March 2018


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Strip Replacement

As appears to be usual on the Unicorn 3 range the white strips front and rear which cover the gap between the caravan bodywork and the front bumpers were beginning to look a bit grim.

Replacement strips are available from the Bailey Parts ( Prima Leisure ) site at a cost of about a fiver ( Part Number :- 1132588 ) for a 2.5m length,you will need two one for the back and one for the front.

However before you dash off to increase the contents of Mr.Bailey's pockets,wait awhile.

This is the state they were in prior to removal,I started at the rear first:-

Unfortunately the side sections appear to be well fixed to the van so I left them alone and just  concentrated on the long centre section,this applied to both back and front:-

The centre section pulls out easily enough leaving a small gap that had its fair share of gunge,crud and crap in it which I removed with an old credit card and wiped it clean with a cloth.

Now comes the money saving bit,when they are removed it leaves a small gap which doesn't look too bad without the strip.

I fact if I was doing it again I would be tempted to just leave it but as I had the strips I ploughed on.

The new strip is fiddly to apply and would have been easier in warmer weather but had it sorted eventually :-

That was the back done so it was on to the front,pulled the centre strip out and once again it was concealing a dung heap.

Now after much trying we couldn't get the front seal to fit properly for some reason so left it without the strip which I may try reapplying in warmer weather but actually it looks OK without in my opinion :-


So to sum up the strips look a bit of a mess as were so removing/replacing them is a good idea and it looks a lot cleaner without them,whether you bother with new ones is of course a personal decision but it does look OK without and after all the strips are only "decorative" and don't provide any waterproofing so it is up to you.

The basic design is a bit of an abortion really and I note they have gone on the U4 to be replaced by a smooth front one of the few things I like about the U4.


Air To Spare Offer

I have been sent this e-mail by David the proprietor of Air to Spare :

Good evening folks,

I thought I’d let you know that I’m having a sale at the moment, I’ve reduced the price of each Air to Spare by 40%.

If you fancy one (or more!) then please use the link I posted in the blog to my eBay page.

Many thanks.


( This is not a recommendation for Air to Spare and no money has changed hands I am just reproducing the mail for anyone who is interested ).


Thursday, 1 March 2018

Air To Spare Contd ( Again )

I have receved an e-mail from the proprietor of Air To Spare which I reproduce below :-

Good afternoon folks,

Air to Spare is absolutely still trading following a change of ownership; I’m David, the new owner.

The technical issues with the website will be resolved soon but meanwhile please use our eBay outlet David has linked to above and save yourself the P&P costs.

The intention was always to create a product that was better that the competition both in terms of quality of components and the length of available hose and that is what we’ve achieved.

The most recent batch of Air to Spares was posted last weekend and a huge thank you goes out from me to all of our customers.

If you have any questions you can contact me via eBay messaging or at

Many thanks. 


Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Air To Spare Contd.

David Mantell hs finally got to the bottom of the Air To Spare problems in the following e-mail :-

Further to the Air-to-Spare website problem (apparently it will be corrected very soon), David Mantell has found exactly the same item is available on ebay  - but cheaper as it is p&p free on ebay!! - see:
This looks to be an incredibly useful item which makes it easy to check and adjust the caravans spare tyre from the comfort of side of the caravan (The spare is rather too easy to forget as it is tucked under the caravan and not easy to reach).
Many Thanks David.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Air To Spare

As can be seen in the Comments section below the Air To Spare link leads nowehere.

Thanks to ne of my correspondents for pointing it out,it was OK when I posted it.


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A Couple More Winter Tasks

Went up to the van today for my weekly visit and to undertake one or two minor jobs that may prompt newer caravanners not to forget them.

First I checked the air in the spare wheel which is easy to forget,it needed quite a bit putting in so that got done.

Incidentally I have one of these permanently connected to the spare which makes checking the pressure a doddle:

Air To Spare

Have one on the car as well,saves humping the spare wheel out to check the pressure.

Secondly I checked for damp underneath around the perimeter with my cheapo damp meter and fortunately all was within normal limits..........................phew.

Thirdly,ran the Alde and the fridge on gas for a short while to clear the jets of any spiders webs etc.

 Finally as it was a sunny day I gave the van a good airing,nothing appears damp so heres looking forward to the new season.