Friday, 13 October 2017

New Pegasus GT70 Rimini

Bailey has just brought out a new Pegasus range,the GT70,which will present at the NEC show next week

I have just been looking at the Rimini,which is the single fixed bed version,and it seems to me that it is very similar to the Unicorn 3 Cadiz,which is no bad thing.

Naturally I am only going from the Bailey puffery and not seen it in the flesh but at least the silly bathroom sink isn't there,three cheers for that,also has a window in the bathroom

No Alde heating though but Al-KO ATC is there as standard.

Have a butchers and see what you think:-

Pegasus GT70 Rimini.


Sunday, 1 October 2017


We have just returned from four nights at Chatsworth CMC site.

This is very pleasant,but hard to book,site but it suffers from my perennial complaint about some sites in the fact that most of the perimeter pitches are well overhung by large trees.

If visiting,the preferred pitches are to the top and centre of the site,the bottom half tends to be a bit soggy as it doesn't dry out after rain and boy did it rain.

Visited Chatsworth House and here is a tip,there is no longer a CMC discount but there is if you are a member of the C&CC,it's not advertised but the discount is about £5 per head.

The Cadiz was perfect apart from having to reglue the long white plastic strip at the bottom of the upper front window blind.

It has been regularly falling out for a while so I finally got round to fixing it.

Bailey must use a very poor quality of glue as I seem to be forever regluing things.

Still if they are the only problems I will live with that.

Finally for those who have barely slept thinking about it,the drip has stopped.


Thursday, 21 September 2017

U4 Cadiz Correction

Just to correct something regarding the width of the rear single beds in the U4 Cadiz.

I said that they were 2" narrower in the U4 than the U3.

That is incorrect,they are 1" narrower.

To be honest I don't find that acceptable when there isn't a dire need for it.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

U4 Awning Sizes &TPMS

Anyone wishing to dash out and buy a U4 Cadiz,please be aware that the awning sizes have changed.

U3 Single Axle ( apart from Seville ):-1045cm
U4 Single Axle :- 1027cm

Thanks to Bill Tweedie to alerting me to this fact.

It also now comes with a Tyrepal head unit and not just the sensors as with the U3


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cooker Hob Glass Panel

A chap on Caravan Talk has just had to lay out about £50 or so on a new glass cover for the cooker hob.

As we know,when the glass lid is closed it cuts off the gas supply.

However it doesn't shut down the electricity to the hotplate so the lid will eventually shatter from the heat build up.

Worth bearing in mind.


Saturday, 16 September 2017

Red Valve & Microwave The End

Well replaced the nicely cleaned out red valve to the Alde boiler and tested it out with the external pump in a bucket of water and it still dripped so perhaps it is meant to.

Having said that the boiler wasn't on with gas or electric just full of water so perhaps it may be OK when running properly,any way we shall see I will keep you informed,shan't use any sleep.

At least I have a clean valve and have learnt about John Guest Speedlink valves,every day is a schoolday.

Incidentally if you go down this route when replacing the valve on the boiler spigot press it in hard,I thought it had seated properly but another shove and it went in some more.

Onto the microwave and I decided to take it to the local repair shop as ending my life touching a charged capacitor was not what I had planned.

They replaced the bulb for just the cost of the bulb,£6,great service.

On E Bay the bulbs cost more than that.

When the microwave is out,by removing the four screw covers underneath and undoing the four screws, there appears to be some untidy wiring left by the artisan craftsmen of Bristol.

I decided to tidy this up by taping it down neatly,however if you do this the microwave doesn't sit properly as presumably the wiring likes to find its own space.

Just a tip.

Oh and despite first impressions the plug slips nicely through the hole in the wooden partition.


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Descaling Contd.

One of my correspondents,David Mantell,suggested after my last post about descaling the red valve that if that wanted doing then the boiler and asociated pipework may need doing as well which is a fair point.

I think very little about scaling as we live in a soft water area.

Anyway I contacted Alde to ask what was the best stuff to use and received the reply that they recommend Puriclean.