Monday, 2 November 2015

Fridge Vent Securing Doo-Dahs.

I have just been reading and participating in a discussion on Caravan Talk about Unicorn 3 fridge vents and the ridiculous price the seem to be ( over £44 per pair plus postage from Bailey ).

Now I am forever fumbling around for the small plastic securing thingies which fall out quite readily and it is only a matter of time before I lose one or some.

Someone mentioned that they were available as spares so,thinking they would only be a few coppers I thought I would get a few just in case.

I then checked the price on the Dometic site ( not going to be the cheapest place granted ) where they are,wait for it..................................£6.23 each plus £4.99 postage.

Fridge Vent Retainers.

I think I will make sure I don't lose the originals.

There are cheaper sources on E Bay at around £2 or so each,even this I think is steep.


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