Sunday, 19 June 2016

Caravan Dealers

When will caravan dealers start to give us,their customers,better service ?

Whilst on site at Poolsbrook a Coachman arrived on the pitch opposite us in the midst of absolutely torrential rain and a thunderstorm.

Giving them a bit of shelter and some tea under our canopy it transpired that the couple were from Essex and that the van was brand new having only been collected from a dealer in West Yorkshire a couple of hours before.

Whilst driving down the M1 in the deluge they had lost one of the fridge vent covers which had not been attached correctly either at the factory or during PDI.

On discovering this on their arrival they had stuffed a blanket in the hole to stop water getting in,with little success.

The chap said he would ring the dealer in the morning and see if someone would come out to rectify the problem.

Speaking to him the next morning no,no-one was coming out they had to return the van to the dealers,so that was forty miles north,then turn around and travel two hundred and odd miles back down to Essex making an extra eighty miles travelling.

Much the same happened when we stopped at Sandholme Lodge.

The couple next door arrived with a new van from a local dealer eight miles away.
Problem with the jockey wheel,the lock barrel to an outside locker and the TV aerial.
Once again they had to trundle off back to the dealers the following morning.

It is high time that dealers were compelled to come out to vans with problems within the warranty period instead of us having to return them every time at our expense of course,no-one reimburses fuel costs,why not,it’s not our fault but we foot the bill.

A radius of fifty miles say could be stipulated and anyone outside this area could be dealt with by a more local dealer.

Dealers seem very happy to take our money thank you very much but provide a shabby service in return.

Some dealers of course are better than others but from what I read these are the exceptions.

I read recently that Bailey have a “Rapid Response” vehicle for just this sort of thing but I can’t see that setting off from Bristol in a hurry.

"Should more complex vehicle repair be required, such as that caused by storm or road accident damage, Bailey has commissioned a new 8-bay Service Centre at South Liberty Lane staffed by a team of fully qualified Technicians to carry out this work. This facility is supplemented by a fully equipped Rapid Response vehicle which, where necessary, will attend to vehicles on Retailer premises, Storage facilities or even on Customer driveways."

It is high time the caravan industry dragged itself out of the mid 1960’s into the present day and started providing a proper customer service instead of the mostly shabby set-up it is at present.

They do not seem to realise that in many cases returning a van to their premises for a simple repair that may take weeks is a time consuming and costly affair for most people.
 Come on,get off your collective arses and start giving us what we pay you for.

A Couple of Tips

In a previous posting I mentioned a problem with water from the sink coming up in the shower when the sink was emptied when on a serviced pitch.

David Mantell suggested a remedy which I tried out in Poolsbrook and it worked well.

Here it is :-

Firstly make a wooden ring about 2" in diameter with a hole on the middle of about 1 1/4" diameter.

Mine was made by my neighbour Mr.Duncan Roscoe who had the necessary drill,thanks Duncan.

Place the plug in the plug hole and put the wooden ring around the plug ( the hole in the middle accommodates the raised bit of the plug ).

Finally place a weight of some sort on the wooden ring to keep the plug in the plug hole.

I had an old one shot nut which fitted it admirably.

When it is all in position,plug,wooden ring and weight any sink water will no longer come up in the shower.

Thanks to all concerned.


Another tip I discovered concerned the Alde panel.

If you scroll down to "Service" it tells you how many Amps you are using at any given time.

A word of caution though,this may only work if you have the Alde Load Monitor fitted as we have,you will have to look to see if it applies in all cases.

I was quite surprised that our Avtex TV only took about 0.2 Amps, while the Alde heating on 2KW took about 10.3 Amps.



Just returned from the flagship CC site at Poolsbrook in Derbyshire.

Excellent site which is situated on a country park in the middle of a reclaimed colliery site.

The approach is a little disappointing,through an industrial estate,but once the site is reached pleasantness prevails.

We had a couple of days out at Hardwick Hall and Bolsover Castle both of which can be recommended.

Also visited Chesterfield but we will get over it ( apologies to any of my Chesterfieldian readers ).

Nothing adverse with the Cadiz and boy did it rain,thunder and lightning,all remained dry thank goodness.

Nothing else to report,it gets a bit boring when no disaster occurs but lets hope it stays boring.


Monday, 13 June 2016

Tap Tip.

I suppose all have us have noticed that the tap on the kitchen sink in the Cadiz releases a splurge of water now and again when switched off.

Just been reading on Caravan Talk about the cause and a remedy.

The cause is that a small amount of water remains in the curved tap pipe after the tap is turned off and is held in place by surface tension.

If the surface tension is broken then the water runs out.

The way evidently to get rid of the water intentionally is to place a finger or thumb over the end of the tap ( airtight ) which increase the pressure in the pipe slightly which in turn breaks the surface tension and the water runs out.

I haven't tried it myself but will give it a go when we are next out.


Friday, 3 June 2016


Arrived home today from three nights with grandchildren at Hawes CC site,North Yorkshire.

A lovely site on the outskirts of Hawes that we have stopped at before.

If you stop there make a beeline for the Wensleydale Creamery cheese factory at the far end of the village where you can stuff yourself silly with free cheese of various varieties,and I did,followed by cheese sandwiches in the cafe and the remains of cheese on toast that one of the sprogs left.

I like cheese.

The Cadiz was fine except for the fact that I left the brake on and tried to use the motor mover so it cut out and needed resetting.

Of course when it was put in the control unit was installed to make the wiring easier so the Reset button was facing away from me in the nearside rear locker adjacent to the fridge.

Eventually after a row I had to remove the top cover to get at the works and reset the thing.

I had a problem with the Isabella Magnum awning in that the Fixons pulled away from the van walls and stood at 45 degrees with only the top edge touching the van,can't say I have noticed it before but perhaps I haven't looked intently.

Anyway I removed one whilst the awning was up to "adjust" it and couldn't get it back,after another row and about threequarters of an hour of trying I managed to reattach it,oh and I broke a Fixon in the process.

I have e-mailed Isabella to see how to cure it.

As we all are well aware,caravanning is relaxing don't you know.