Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Alde Temperature Sensor Tip

I sometimes find that the temperature reading on the Alde panel is a little bit all over the place,it seems to over read or under read on occasions.

I was considering buying the Alde remote temperature sender until Pebble ( Paul ) on Caravan Talk came up with this little gem which is certainly worth a try,if it doesn't work well nothing is lost.

First of all it appears that the temperature probe on the Alde panel is situated inside the facia cover and not exposed to the external air,arrowed in photo below,so it is hardly surprising that it is not too clever at judging the external temperature.

The idea therefore is to drill a small hole in the edge of the facia cover at the point where the probe is situated to allow it access to the air.

Refit the cover and bingo the temperature readings should be more in line with the exterior.

Incidentally the facia cover is easy to flip off with a fingernail.

I will try it out on our next excursion and report back,as said previously if it doesn't work nothing lost.


Thursday, 20 October 2016

For Sale,Bargains Not To Be Missed.


Isabella standard Magnum awning 2011.

Very good condition,complete with draught skirt,wheel arch cover,plastic pegs ( no steel ones ) and all the other Isabella bits and bobs it came with.

Depth:- 230cm

Price £550


Isabella Futur 220 annexe.
Will fit the above awning and perhaps other of the same depth,but not the 250 Coal hence the sale.
Has only been put up once and the inner tent has never been out of the bag so brand new.
Same as this one :-

Isabella 220 Futur Annexe

Price :- £200

These items are obviously heavy and would be better suited to personal collection.

I will have them delivered if you wish but obviously the carriage will be hefty,somewhere around £50 - £60 according to Parcel Force.

Ideal Christmas presents for the wife !!


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Chapel Lane

Just had three nights at Chapel Lane CC site,should have been four nights but came home a day early as the weather forecast was a bit grim and packing up in a downpour I can do without if it can be avoided.

A very pleasant site is Chapel Lane and surprisingly rural as it is so close to Birmingham.

As previously reported our main reason for being there was to attend the Caravan Show at the NEC which is fourteen miles away although we did catch the bus from the site entrance into Birmingham for the day on Friday ( £5 return if not in possession of a geriatric bus pass like SWMBO ).

Becketts Farm Shop can also be recommended for a good breakfast.

The Cadiz plodded on in it's what has become,fortunately, a reliable fashion.

When looking round at the show we didn't come across a van that we would rather have.

Welcome to the blog to the chap in the Cadiz pitched next door,sorry I have forgotten your name but all are welcome here if only for a moan.


Friday, 14 October 2016

NEC Show

Paid our yearly visit to the NEC Caravan and Motorhome show yesterday.

I must admit it seemed much quieter than it has been in earlier years,much better from our point of view with no fighting to get around.

Bailey had a full complement of vans on their stand and checking over the 2017 Cadiz it seems that there is no change from 2016 although it is to be hoped that one unseen change has been made and that is the elimination of the infamous roof leak but I shan't be holding my breath as there are reports on forums of it still occurring.

Had a look at the new single axle Unicorn Cabrera and twin axle Pamplona with the centre washroom and wasn't impressed.

The fixed double bed at the rear wouldn't suit a six footer like myself and gave the appearance of having been "shoehorned" in to place,no we much preferd the good old Cadiz.

Being a sucker for things Isabella and fresh from my Directors Chair win a visit to their stand was on the list of priorities.

Yes a replacement awning was ordered,a Magnum 250 Coal to replace or standard Magnum,there was a bit of show discount which was all to the good plus a free net front.

I will be putting the standard Magnum and Futur 220 Annex up for sale eventually so if anyone is interested keep an eye out.

Watched a talk by Steve Biggs of Isabella on some hints and tips on erecting an awning,he makes it look so easy but then again there is no wind and he isn't pegging into a rock solid hardstanding,that would wipe the grin of his face.

All in all an excellent day spoiled slightly by an horrendous traffic jam getting out as a road was closed for some reason.


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

He's A Winner

Had an e-mail from Isabella this afternoon,it seems I have won their competition for one of their new red directors chairs.

Not won anything much previously,feeling quite pleased.

Isabella Chair Winner