Friday, 30 June 2017

Torquing Wheel Bolts

One of my correspondents has reported that a van next to him on site had a wheel detachment resulting in significant damage to the caravan.

Without wishing to preach,just a reminder to check the torque of those wheel bolts before every journey,it only takes a few minutes.


Thursday, 29 June 2017

News of the Screws.

Recently on Caravan Talk someone was complaining about the floor creaking on their Unicorn 3.

It was suggested that checking the tightness of the screws that hold the furniture to the floor may be be a good idea and perhaps check it once a year or so.

Although we don't suffer from more than the odd squeak I thought I would give them a check and was surprised how slack some of them were,whether they were left like that after construction or have worked loose I don't know.

Anyway a few minutes with a screwdriver and all done so it may pay to check them over now and again.

Incidentally it is not until you stick your head into bed boxes whilst ferreting around for screws to tighten that you realise how flimsily put together caravans are,on the plus side though I didn't see any damp.


Monday, 19 June 2017

New Unicorn 4

I heard a whisper ( that's all it was ) that the new Unicorn 4 will be unveiled on 21st.July,available at dealers from September.


Saturday, 3 June 2017

C&CC Boroughbridge

We returned yesterday from three nights at the Caravan and Camping Club site near Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire.

We have only recently joined the C&CC and this site is only forty minutes or so from home so we thought we would give it a try.

It is a very good and well presented site,perhaps not as well manicured as some Caravan and Motorhome Club sites and the pitches were more higgledy-piggledy and not as generous in size,plus the fact they are on permanent flood alert as the River Ure runs alongside it,a bit like Rowntree Park in York.

There is a big field for kids to play in with some swings etc.and a large dog-walk as well.

On the C&CC website some people complain bitterly about traffic noise from the A1 and also the noise from Payne's Dairy across the road when the lorries are running their refrigeration units.

I can well understand the complaints about Payne's if you are in a tent near the road but we could hear little at the end of the site and we never noticed the A1 apart from a slight buzz in the background.

One thing I was not too keen on was that they escorted you to your pitch and stood there whilst you reversed onto it.

Now I am not the worlds best at reversing onto a pitch and after three botched attempts said much the same to my "guide" who replied "Evidently",anyway I got there in the end with the aid of the motor mover.

Cadiz wise all went well apart from the toaster saying goodbye to this world and tripping the bollard which fortunately was self reset.

When we came to depart I found out the hard way that it is best to retract the steadies before trying to move the van with the mover,the mover didn't like it a great deal.

I also managed to reverse the van over the pitch number post which had the effect I found out of pulling the shower drain hose off the pipework,therefore a little job awaits.

Not quite as disasterous at it all sounds however.

Put an advert up for the porch awing ( still available by the way ) but no takers.

On the same site there  some lodges with a couple for sale but I must admit I wouldn't pay around £80K for one,there are better locations if spending that sort ot money.

All in all a site worth putting on the list if in the area.