Friday, 16 October 2015

NEC Show

Visited the Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC today and had a really good time poking and prodding around vans and motorhomes.

It seemed much quieter than in previous years and one stallholder told me that attendances were well down for reasons,he suggested,that having a stand at the show is very expensive plus the ongoing costs of transport,accommodation etc, and that a lot of dealers were putting on their own displays for a fraction of the price of attending Birmingham.

In Cadizland little seemed to have changed apart from moving the "Cadiz" name from the rear top part of the van to the bottom of the back window,probably to distinguish 2016 vans from 2015 ones,I must admit I preferred it in its original position..

In a way it was heartening to see no meaningful changes as this presumably means that Bailey got it right in the first place.

A couple of posts or so ago I mentioned that Paintseal had failed to open the van windows to apply their sealant around the bits that the window edges covered.

At their stand I brought this to their attention and to give them credit I had a follow up phone call shortly after and they are visiting storage next week to do the bits they missed.

If any SWMBO's are reading this there are free nail painting/manicuring sessions on the Bailey stand,they made a good job on SWMBO's nails.

I spoke to one or two people who were viewing the Cadiz and mentioned the blog,so welcome to any new readers.


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