Friday, 11 August 2017

East Anglia and Tyred Out

Well we have just returned from a two week tour taking in Sandringham CMC site ( including a trip around Sandringham house which was a little disappointing ) ,Norfolk Broads ( Ludham Bridge ) CMC site and ending up at Poolsbrook CMC site.

All excellent sites as is usual for the Caravan and Motorhome Club,Norfolk Broads being especially good,it is immaculate.

If visiting this site try Ken’s vegetable hut,right turn after the Dog Inn ( rather an unfortunate name it occurred to me ),excellent value.

One or two very minor problems with the Cadiz.

Firstly we had a dribble of water down the side of the van from the Whale water pump,only slight but annoying,well to me at any rate.

Cured this by changing the O rings on the inlet.

The front of one of the reading lights came unscrewed,now this may seem an easy fix,just screw it back,but they are sods to reattach as the threads are very shallow.


Did it eventually but it took ages,and don’t think you can unscrew the fitting to make it easier oh by jingo no,the wiring is cut to the bone so it only pulls out about a centimeter.

Tellingly the light affected was the one we adjust most at the front left so perhaps it unscrews just a fraction every time we adjust it so it may pay to just check the tightness of them all from time to time.

Another of ours was a bit loose.

One of the Remis grey plastic pulldowns on the front window came unattached so it was out with the glue.

Talking glue one of the hinges broke on the mains input cover but miraculously I was able to glue it successfully.

SWMBO noticed a few scratches down the nearside of the van,no idea where they came from.

We had some pretty heavy rain at times whilst away so I kept checking the redone roof seal but all seems OK,hope it stops that way.

Other than that all was hunky dory.

Mr.Hunky Dory however took his bat home when we reached our front door .

Now we usually keep the van at a storage site about five miles away but SWMBO decided she wanted it at home for a few days and you don’t argue with SWMBO’s.

It will just fit in our front garden ( and I mean just ) but to get it in it means a very tight turn with the motor mover.

Proceeded to manouver it in when the pneumatic jockey wheel tyre began hissing and went down.

Naturally this occurred when we were broadside across the road.

No matter I carry a spare pneumatic jockey wheel,put that on and low and behold that did the same.

Two punctures in two wheels is a bit of overzealous bad luck even for me so we eventually came to the conclusion that the turning at an acute angle had pulled the tyres off the rim.

Now began a session of umming and aahing as to the best way to proceed.

Tried to reinflate the original but it wasn’t having it,removed tube from the spare wheel ( my that’s a job and a half,thank you Mr.Roscoe ) and motored down to Halfords for two tubes.

No joy at Halfords,sucking of air through teeth, but redirected to a local tyre firm who were ultra helpful,reinflated the original and retubed the spare all for a modest fee with a valve extender thrown in.

Back home pondered the fact that it might all happen again when we moved the van off the drive but as luck would have it I have a spare jockey wheel assembly with a solid tyre ( don’t ask ) so I put this on which will be OK till we return to storage.

“Come caravanning for a relaxing hobby”


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