Sunday, 23 July 2017

Damp Meter

Have been considering for a while in investing in a damp meter for obvious reasons.

The Protimeter is the bees knees one evidently but it comes at a price,round about £180-£200+.

I bid for a couple of Protimeter Minis on E-Bay but didn't win.

I then stumbled across some much cheaper meters,also on E-Bay :-

Cheap Damp Meters

Bought one of these for £6.99 including batteries and free postage:-

Now I don't suppose it is all singing and dancing like the Protimeter but it certainly does the job,including ambient temperture readings, and is about £170 cheaper,the only slight drawback I have discovered is that it doesn't "hold" the reading so you have to look at it while it is stuck into the wood which is hands and knees job when doing the floor under the van ( which along with the inside floor is the only place you can check on an Alu-Tech van the walls being GRP coated ).

Will now be entering compulsive/obsessive mode.



  1. Ian
    You will only worry, not knowing if a reading is accurate/good or bad. I fear a few nights of poor sleep ahead!

    1. Bill,
      Yes you are probably right,it will make me more neurotic than I already am.


  2. Just thought I would point out, I also have my van serviced by the wonderful Paul (yesterday infact)! He very kindly lent me a calibrated 18% moisture card that he has to use to callibrate his proti before using each time. I have the exact same unit you have, and it read 17%. So very close to the more expensive unit.

  3. Hello,
    He must have been servicing your van prior to seeing to ours on Castleford Storage,next row up from you.
    Yes for the price they appear decent meters,just wish it held on to the value for a few seconds.