Saturday, 12 August 2017

There May be A Short Intermission..............................

Well a bit of a pickle has emerged in proceedings.

We were due to go to the CMC site in Scarborough on Monday with two grandkids in tow.

In preparation for this I decided to clean the caravan roof,propped ladder up to side of van,climbed ladder to do said task,ladder slipped,I fell off and landed on the ladder and have hurt my ribs,shoulder,leg and pride.

With the admirable and heroic help of my trusty neighbour Mr.Roscoe managed to get the van back to storage.

Have scratched the side of the van and window and damaged door frame and awning light surround but that will have wait for another day.

Site cancelled and we have booked three nights in a hotel instead so we won't be vanning again till the ( considerable ) pain has subsided.

I will soldier on bravely,any get well cards and hampers of caramel slice can be forwarded on.


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