Thursday, 1 December 2016

Alde Remote Temperature Sender

As the experiment with drilling a hole in the Alde faceplate to get a more responsive and accurate temperature reading wasn't a spectacular success I decided to fit a remote temperature sender.

The first problem was where to locate it,bearing in mind that there are only two meters of cable.

My first choice was in the left wall of the compartment where the control panel is situated.

I posted this on CT and also e-mailed Alde who said that it wasn't a bad choice but didn't seem overwhelmed by it and various posters on CT also said it wasn't ideal mainly because it is not very far from the outlet for the radiator under the offside front window and the fact that the compartment isn't ventilated which might cause some heat build up.

After some thought I eventually decided on the panel above the cutlery drawer which was easy to get to and feeding the cable to it was very easy and it is well away from all sources of heat,also as my assistant Mr.Roscoe pointed out when the caravan door is opened and cold air comes in it will hit the sensor and perhaps turn the heating on if need be,well that is the theory anyway.

So first off switch off the 12v supply and remove the Alde control panel faceplate which is very easy to flick off with a fingernail and then unscrew the "works" via the four screws one at each corner,this gives access to the gubbins inside.

Then thread the sensor cable down the hole at the back of the compartment,along the back of the space under the worktop and through the hole at the far end which brings it out under the sink.

Next refer to the inside of the cover which has been removed from the rear of the control panel and you will see where to plug the cable in.

You will notice thet there are two options,"Bed" and "Sofa",I think this refers to motorhomes who may have multi-zone heating,anyway I plugged it into "Sofa" but I don't think it makes all that much difference.

Then simply drill a 10mm hole in your chosen location,press the sensor in,it is an easy fit,and connect the cables up at the back,to make it neat cable tie the sensor cable to the sink waste pipe.

The job would have been slightly easier if I had have been able to remove the cutlery drawer but I couldn't get it to shift,Mr.Roscoe kindly did the honours here by bending double under the sink,bless him.

Switch on the 12V and give it a test.

If you go through the panel menu to "Installed Acessories" it shows three states:-


Which I think is self explanatory.


As explained previously,if you have connected it up to "Bed" then this will obviously show a bed.

The last one is "Panel" so if you wish you can revert to the panel sensor at any time.

 And that is it,have fun.

Incidentally I purchased the sensor from Halesowen Caravan Centre which was the cheapest I could find at £20.87 with free postage.

Halesowen Caravan Centre : Alde Sensor


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