Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Alde External Temperature Sensor

After the success of the Alde remote interior temperature sensor I have decided to install the Alde external temperature sensor which gives a reading of the outside temperature to the Alde control panel.

I seemed to be getting confused messages as to where the end of the sensor wire plugged in,some seemed to say to the rear of the panel like the previous one or some said to the boiler.

Considering this I went to the horses mouth and asked Alde themselves who replied literally within a few minutes ( excellent firm to deal with incidentally ).

The external sensor plugs into the boiler which makes life easy as there is a gas dropout vent adjacent to it where the probe can pass to the outside and be attached to the underside of the floor.

This is where it plugs into the top of the boiler after removing the black plastic cover :-

This is the dropout adjacent to the boiler by the black pipe :-

So installation should be no problem.

Will write a blog post when I have done it.

Will probably buy the sensor at the Manchester Caravan Show in January so it won't be till after then.


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