Friday, 2 December 2016


For any of my readers who are new to caravanning now that winter appears to have arrived don't forget to winterise your van by draining the water system ( I use a Floe device which removes the remaining dregs ),empty the toilet flush and remove any liquid foodstuffs so they don't freeze and cause a mess when they thaw.

Leave all taps half way across and in the open position,open the yellow lever on the Alde boiler and remove the shower head.

Make sure the gas is turned off and the Alde flue is covered to stop spiders etc. getting in ( see an earlier post for a home made flue cover,ooh er missus ).

Run the Alde and the fridge on gas for fifteen minutes or so a once or twice over the winter to keep the jets clear.

Give the toilet cassette blade a squirt of silicone spray to keep it supple.

Think about moving the van a few feet a couple of times over the winter to prevent tyre flat spots,some people don't bother and say no harm is caused by not doing so,so take your pick.

I always upend the cushions and mattresses and open all the cupboard and locker doors to enable good circulaton of air to avoid any dampness.

There is always a discussion on CT every winter about placing moisture absorbing crystals or bowls of salt in the van.

Proponents say they work whilst others say as long as there are vents in the van then you are trying to dehumidify the world so do what you feel is best.

One word of caution though,DO NOT spill the fluid that is produced either on woodwork or,worst of all,on upholstery you will NEVER get rid of it,do not ask how I know this.


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