Saturday, 28 May 2016

Durham Grange

Returned today from three nights on my own at Durham Grange CC site whilst SWMBO is sunning herself with her sister in Greece.

We have been to Durham many times before so it was nothing new but restful all the same until about 3pm on Friday when loads of kids arrived.

Glad to be away today really.

Just one bit of advice if visiting Durham,have a visit to the castle well worth £5 ( or £3.50 if you are sadly over 60 ) for a guided tour,never been before for some reason.

The Cadiz behaved itself with no dramas.

Was on a serviced pitch and had the usual problem of the waste kitchen sink water appearing in the shower,even after I renewed the connection at the caravan outlet as the one I was using was crap.

I did see a chap on one site who had constructed a sophisticated drainage system with plastic pipes resting on blocks but it just seems something else to cart about and we don't go on serviced pitches that often.

There is just not enough "fall" to stop waste water backing up,if anyone has any bright solutions that doesn't involve carting lengths of drainpipe and wooden blocks around let me know.

I had a run down to Catterick Caravans and Ropers ( also in Catterick ) for a browse round.

( Honest dear I didn't buy anything,well not a lot ).

Whilst at Ropers I asked if they would be willing to do any Bailey warranty work on vans they haven't sold and they said it was no problem so I think I may give them a try if any future warranty problems arise.

If a new van is ever in the offing might also strongly consider them,have heard good reports.

Only problem is that it is twenty miles further away but so be it.

Still  not very happy at YC Leisure's non-customer service so they have probably lost a customer.

Whilst browsing about I noticed a number of Ropers display vans also had the "Bailey Letters" problem.


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