Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sandholme Lodge

Just had a few days at Sandholme Lodge site which is about eight miles west from North Cave in Humberside.

A very quiet and pleasant site hidden away up a winding single track lane from the village of Newport.

It caters mostly for seasonal caravans which gives it a bit of a ghost town air when few seasonals are there.

It is a site which unfortunately is laid out by someone who is not very familiar with caravanning as the pitches are quite small and very tight which spoils it a bit,plus the electric posts are at the front of the pitches so are just asking to be knocked over.

Also the Wastemaster/toilet emptying point involves lifting it up a step which isn't very heplful.

It has a couple of fishing ponds for the anglers,a childrens playground and a selection of statics to rent.

Anyway the Cadiz was on its best behaviour with no further problems.

It rained quite a bit and I kept taking furtive looks inside the rear cupboards to check for leaks but all was dry.

One thing I did notice was that despite having the front cushions restuffed they still aren't very supportive,better than previously but I would prefer them to be much firmer.

The gizmo I made for the Aquaroll worked very well and David Mantell's flue cover like wise in fact I left it on whilst travelling.

On returning to our storage I noticed another Unicorn 3 and had a look at front "BAILEY" letters which were the same as ours so it may have been like it when when we picked it up and they are all the same.

Anyway I have e-mailed Bailey to see what their take on it is.


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