Friday, 3 June 2016


Arrived home today from three nights with grandchildren at Hawes CC site,North Yorkshire.

A lovely site on the outskirts of Hawes that we have stopped at before.

If you stop there make a beeline for the Wensleydale Creamery cheese factory at the far end of the village where you can stuff yourself silly with free cheese of various varieties,and I did,followed by cheese sandwiches in the cafe and the remains of cheese on toast that one of the sprogs left.

I like cheese.

The Cadiz was fine except for the fact that I left the brake on and tried to use the motor mover so it cut out and needed resetting.

Of course when it was put in the control unit was installed to make the wiring easier so the Reset button was facing away from me in the nearside rear locker adjacent to the fridge.

Eventually after a row I had to remove the top cover to get at the works and reset the thing.

I had a problem with the Isabella Magnum awning in that the Fixons pulled away from the van walls and stood at 45 degrees with only the top edge touching the van,can't say I have noticed it before but perhaps I haven't looked intently.

Anyway I removed one whilst the awning was up to "adjust" it and couldn't get it back,after another row and about threequarters of an hour of trying I managed to reattach it,oh and I broke a Fixon in the process.

I have e-mailed Isabella to see how to cure it.

As we all are well aware,caravanning is relaxing don't you know.


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  1. hI Ian had the same problem with my isabella magnum fixon and spoke to my dealer about ordering replacements and when he rang isabella was informed that they had been discontinued and were a trial fixon .I rang isabella and told them about the issues with the fixon and had a new set of fixon 2 arrive two days later free of charge these new fixons are the same ones that I have on the isabella ambassdor seed awning that we have hope this helps love the blog keep it up