Friday, 6 May 2016

Is It All Worth It ??

I have just been on the phone to YC Leisure who,despite having our van for exactly three weeks have still not even started to carry out the repair to the roof join.

Parts took around two weeks to arrive and a week later,nothing.

It is only a three hour job FFS.

When will the caravan industry drag itself kicking and screaming into the 21st. century.

Some companies now do overnight deliverybut no,with caravans it is measured in weeks.

Am now completely pissed off and I am beginning to wonder if caravanning is really worth all the grief and hassle.

From being months overdue when we first ordered it to this,I am seriously thinking that perhaps we should pack it in.

For what we have invested in caravanning we could,and still could,pay for a lot of hotels with much less aggravation.

Here endeth the first rant.



  1. I dont blame you for ranting; I would feel exactly the same.
    I think you are going to have to put pressure on the dealer, as it seems a reasonably simple job.The industry is terrible at appeasing their customers,if it was a car it would be in the workshop and out the same week.
    I think you need a date to work with and if your not happy ask to see the owner and maybe even contact Bailey with the problem.
    Dont loose faith as this could happen to anyone who buys a caravan; your just unlucky.
    Finally have a beer.

  2. Bill,SWMBO rang them late afternoon,women have a different tack perhaps,they are going to ring Monday with a date,we shall see.I once e-mailed Bailey about something or other and mentioned dealers and their response was that as they are not franchised dealers they can more or less do what they like.
    As for the beer,I don't drink but have had a green tea,or two.