Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Fitting VIN Chip

Fitted the various components of the VIN Chip bundle today.

I thought I would give a few words of advice.

When applying the small window stickers be careful during the application as it is a bit fiddly and they can separate in the middle,I made a cobblers of one of them,luckily I had enough left.

Applying the micro dots is also a bit fiddly and not as easy as I imagined.The instructions say that it will show as a black dot on light surfaces whereas mine were whitish in colour,perhaps they dry black,will have to see.

The instructions for the two chips provided say that they are not readable through metal,as the van is made of aluminium ( a metal when I last checked ) sides covered in GRP I was a bit stumped as the where to put them.

I gave CRiS a call who said that caravan sides were no problem it was just that,unbelievably,some people had put them in the microwave.

Found two suitable places and registered the locations with CRiS

The UV pen is very good so have put the last eight digits of the VIN all over the van,they really can't be seen and show up very well under the UV torch provided.


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