Saturday, 21 November 2015


Just a reminder,particularly for those who might be new to caravanning,that with the chillier temperatures arriving this week,don't forget to drain your van's water system and toilet down before it freezes and causes expensive problems.

I have compiled a short list for winterization of your van,doubtless I may have missed something off but the basics are there:-

1.Drain water system
2.Drain toilet flush and leave top off cassette and flap open.
3.Spray toilet flap seal,window seals and toilet seals with silicone spray so they don't go hard and crack.
4.Put all upholstery on its side to allow air to circulate if you can't store it indoors.
5.Remove all foodstuffs etc. which may freeze and leak when they thaw.
6.Open locker doors to allow air to circulate ( I have left the wardrobe door shut as I mentioned in a
   previous post it swelled a bit when left open.
7.Spray some WD40 or similar into all the locks to avoid frost damage.
8.Give the solar panel a wipe to maximise the weak winter sun.
9.Place some moisture absorbing crystals or salt here and there ( I know this is controversial but it
   can't do any harm ).
10.If there is a pleasant day open the van to allow air to circulate whilst it is out of action


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