Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hillside Park

Just had four nights at Hillside Park northeast of Thirsk in North Yorkshire.

We have been to this site previously and it is a haven of peace and quiet at this time of the year,can't speak for the summer months though.

We had one of their extra large pitches which gives much more extra space to move around in,the drawback is that they are a bit away from the wash block,not too bad on a sunny day but when the wind is a-blowin and the rain pouring down....................,SWMBO much prefers on-site showers to the one in the van.

As far as us men are concerned there are only two toilets and two showers for a fifty pitch site which could be a bit busy on an August Bank Holiday Monday.

Must admit I am glad I had the Paintseal applied as the van was filthy when we got there but soon polished up after a wipe with a damp microfibre cloth.

Only one slight problem with the Cadiz in that the wardrobe door must have swelled a bit in the recent damp weather having left it open to let the air circulate.

Anyway after a day of warmth and a bit of jiggery-pokery with a screwdriver and the lock I managed to sort it out.

Have now left it shut whilst in storage.

We managed to awake Mr.Phantom from his slumbers when SWMBO stood on the alarm fob,I will give them credit as I received a phone call within minutes.

Took in a visit to Catterick Caravans ( free tea coffee and pizza ) and Ropers and purchased some decent pegs.

Got some like this :-

They are the bees knees compared with the hooked spindly things I have been using to supplement our supply of proper rock pegs.

They fit nicely into the holes at the bottom of Isabella awning poles,the other ones just bent on a hard-standing pitch.

Isabella sell them,of course at a price,but they are available more cheaply in packs or singly.


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  1. Have a look on eBay, Ian, this item number 371330069984. 20 pegs, 230mm long, for £10.95