Friday, 29 May 2015

WSL Wheel Bolts

When we had the Orion I upgraded to the WSL wheel bolts that now come standard on the Unicorn.

When I purchased them it came with two adaptors for removing them.

When we traded the Orion in I kept one of the adaptors as a spare for the Unicorn as only one was supplied with the van ( I thought there may have been two but I haven't found another ).

Today I checked the torque of the nuts and tried to use the adaptor from the Orion but it wouldn't fit,it looked exactly the same and fitted slightly but was very tight.

I then foolishly tapped it home with a hammer,I then checked the torque OK but when it came to remove the adaptor I couldn't get it off as it was too tight.

I had to remove the bolt and tap it of with said hammer before reapplying and torquing the bolt.

It seems strange that the older adaptor doesn't fit as I have just ordered a spare from WSL ( £5.99 plus free P&P at the moment,don't believe the £4.99 spiel,they add £1 VAT ),and they all must be the same as it didn't stipulate any different.

If I don't have a spare you can guarantee I will lose the original.



  1. You need a man box for all the goodies.

  2. Bill,
    Bought a man box last week from Halfords.

  3. I bought two sets from WSL to retro-fit on my Mk1 Unicorn, luckily both adaptors fit so one in car and one in van - just in case!
    Only problem was that one of the bolts had no thread!
    Phone call and email with photie of offending bolt and replacement bolt was couriered out!