Thursday, 28 May 2015

Auto Watch 650 Caravan Alarm..............A Handy Tip

As mentioned previously,we had a Phantom Pro Active 3 tracker fitted alongside an AutoWatch 650 alarm provided by Phantom.

Auto Watch 650

Went up to storage yesterday and the alarm fob wouldn't work to switch the alarm off before opening the van,thought it was buggered.

Rang Phantom who weren't a lot of help really.

Decided to enter van,alarm went off ( Phantom picked it up whilst on the phone ).

The fob then worked to switch the alarm off.

Today I read the alarm instructions ( always a good idea ) and it turns out that if the alarm is set and 48hrs+ passes it goes into "hibernation mode" so the fobs don't work,as I found out.

It is supposed to save battery power.

The only way to sort it is what I did,open the van and use the fob,with the alarm going off and a transmission to Phantom in the process.

Seems a little silly,but you can switch "hibernation mode" off which I have done ( it's in the instructions and easy to do).

Perhaps most people don't have this set up but if you do it may be wise to sort it before a 48hr+ period elapses or you will have to trigger the alarm,and upset Phantom,to reset it.


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