Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Saga Continues...............

Well were in line to pick up the Cadiz today but,there's always a but,when Yorkshire Caravans came to fit the Reich motor mover from the Orion,one of the motors is buggered.

The good news ( yes there is some ) is that it is three months inside the warranty period so it will be replaced free of charge,whew!!

A new motor will be delivered and fitted tomorrow post haste.

At least it has given up the ghost now and not when we got it to storage.

There has been some discussion on CT about where the motor mover isolation switch is fitted.

They have fitted ours just inside the rear locker door on the left hand side which suits me fine.

Also the wiring for the Phantom Pro Active 3 alarm and tracker was proving to be more difficult to fit than was appreciated so all in all a bit of a dud day.

However we had a look around the van whilst the work was taking place and everthing superficially seemed shipshape but it will be out with the check list on Friday now.

We were looked after by YC Leisure and treated to a very tasty free dinner for our troubles so we just need to wait two days now.



  1. Woohoo! Nearly there, at this rate you may get at least one holiday in before winter! Only joking, The only thing I would check iis that the central heating pump when running doesn't sound like a jet engine starting up! My old unicorn did, new vans one is really guiet! Malcolm

  2. Hi Ian we got ours yesterday handover was done and dusted by 10.30,we looked over the van everything looked good. Got her home and set about the task of loading it up. Which is really when you get a good look at everything, a couple of issues now the TV coax connection point at the front is broke as when I went to connect the lead it dropped inside. The 2nd and potentially a bit more serious is the fridge, we plugged it in yesterday at about 11am. Left it to get on with its job of getting cold opened it a couple of times to check and it stank of ammonia and didn't feel cold. This went on until about 17.30 when we gave up and rang the dealer, who informed us to bring it back today. Any who what we did was put a couple of thermometers in and left it over night, the good news was this morning is the temp is approx. 5 degrees but with a subtle hint of ammonia so we are hoping it's fine and aren't planning to take it back today due to prior commitments.

    Hope all goes well with yours today and we are awaiting with interest your next post.