Friday, 22 May 2015

We've Got It..................We've Got It........................

The new Cadiz is now sitting proudly in our storage in all her glory.

We were at YC Leisure bright and early and had an excellent handover by Scott,there was no pressure to "get it over with" and plenty of time to go round with my check list.

There were one or two things to be sorted out which were done without any problem.

Brand new motor mover on one side provided efficiently by Reich with next day delivery.

The Phantom Pro Active 3 and alarm took twelve hours to wire in evidently so if you order one for your Cadiz bear this in mind,it is not a half-hour job.

One or two people on Caravan Talk commented on a loosley fitting mains socket with the pins arcing but I checked ours and all seems firm.

Once again there was comment about leaking locker doors,now I don't know if Bailey have changed the seals but ours are very firm to close.

One surprising thing is that it doesn't come with a shower mat which is a bit mean on a £21K van ( unless it falls out of the carpet roll of course,havent unfolded them yet ) have got one on order kindly thrown in with the cost of the van.

Towed like a dream up the A1 to our storage,that was us if we passed you.

Thanks to Dave Higgins and his team at YC Leisure,Bawtry yes there were a few obstacles to overcome but we got there in the end.

Incidentally we can recommend the cafe at YC Leisure,the food is superb if you happen to be that way.



  1. Hi Ian pleased to hear everything went well a bet your your really looking forward to getting away in it now. Unfortunately we are running ours back down the A1 today as the fridge is kaput we are going fully loaded as come rain or shine we are continuing on to Henly on Thames CC site. As we a are not letting this spoil the kids holidays as they are really looking forward to Legoland, we will be at Caterick at 9am ready for the service dept opening.


  2. Peter,
    Sorry to hear about your fridge,something else to keep an eye on and thy say caravanning is relaxing,knackering more like.
    Out of interest did you get a shower mat ??

    Hope all goes well in Henley and the sun shines every day.


  3. Sorry Ian for the late reply, I see on your latest blog you found it we also found ours in the carpets rolled up. I'm writing this from Henley, lying in the double bed with the Mrs and the kids in the singles. We have had a great nights sleep no fridge though ��,we are to drop the van in the dealers on our way home where they are to fit a new one. We have a new electric cool box from them as compensation, which we didn't need as I have utilised the beer fridge from the garage with our own cool box so we are managing ok. Anyone want to buy a brand new cool box? ��.
    When is your first trip away?

  4. Peter,
    Sorry to hear about the fridge,there's always something to worry about with this caravanning lark,
    Been up to storage today to put everything back in its place,it all looks alright inside so that is half the battle,seems to have been PDI'd quite well.
    Hope I don't have to eat my words later on.