Friday, 14 July 2017

New Unicorn 4 Spotted.

If anyone uses Caravan Talk there are some pictures of the new Unicorn 4 at a service station.

Post title is "New U4 Spotted".

Can't post a link as you have to sign in.

At first glance certainly looks different to the current model.



  1. Very different, not sure if I like it. I will have a look but if the roof join is the same and no laminated plastic floor I will probably stay with what I already have.I quite like the Cadiz .

  2. Bill,
    Same here,we like the Cadiz as well so not a great desire to change,even if we could afford it.
    If the roof join is still there then there is no chance,not having that circus again.


  3. Just picked up a new Cadiz 3 and am very happy thus far. I'm glad I didn't wait for the IV, looks a bit too boxy. I think the III has a bit of character even if it is quirkiness.