Monday, 14 December 2015

Solar Panel Again.

Richard,one of my correspondents,contacted his dealer to ask whether it was essential to cover the solar panel when disconnecting the battery:-

Good evening.
I purchased a Cadiz from you in July 2015. 
At this time of the year I am about to lay-up for the winter, and one of the tasks involves removal of the battery so that I can keep it topped up.
I have been advised that before the battery is removed, the solar panel should be disconnected from the charge controller, or at the very least, the solar panel should be covered. Other people say there is no need for any precautions, as long as the battery terminals are not allowed to touch each other.
Can you advise just how the battery can be removed, please. What, if any, precautions are necessary?
Richard Hexter

This is the reply he received from Northam Farm caravan dealers :-

There would be no need to cover the solar panel, just simply disconnect it from the charge controller and keep the two terminals away from each other.

So there we are,the dealers disagree with Truma.

I have not received a reply from Truma yet and will post it when,or if,I do.

There is at least one positive in that if you forget to cover the panel it would appear that
no great problem will arise if the dealers don't bother.

I don't suppose they replace controllers on a regular basis.

Having said that another of my correspondents says he fried his controller by not covering the panel. 

Take your pick.



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