Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Couple of Jobs

Went up to storage today as the sun was out,for a bit anyway,to do a couple of "wintery" jobs.

First was to move the van back a couple of feet to prevent flat spotting of the tyres ( I used to put winter wheels on when we had the Orion but we are hoping to get off for a few days in January so I haven't bothered this year).

Mind you talking of "flat spotting",I have never come across anyone who has actually flat spotted their tyres.

Perhaps it is an urban myth,bit like getting "egg-bound",never come across that either despite many parental warnings.

Secondly I decided to swap the battery over and put the one in the van on a good charge.

According to the Truma manual it is necessary to cover the solar panel with a blanket or cardboard before disconnecting the battery or else it does the controller no good I am led to believe.

Anyway all went well,battery swapped then I remembered that someone on CT said there was a fuse in the nearside bed locker for the solar panel.

Had a root around and eventually found it.

As shown in the picture it is in the bundle of wires at the right hand side of the nearside bed box by the side of the fridge.

It is definitely for the solar panel as I took it out and the panel stopped working.

Whoever bundled the wires together couldn't have put the fuse on top for easy access could they ?

So next time I battery swap I will simply remove the fuse instead of balancing on a rickety ladder in the wind with an old curtain.

Incidentally if anyone wants a copy of the Truma solar panel manual ( it covers a bit more than the Bailey Handbook ) then drop me an e-mail and I will send a copy.

The solar panel must do a good job of keeping the battery up to scratch as when I put it on my C-Tek charger at home it showed fully charged within the hour so perhaps a swap wasn't strictly necessary.



  1. Ian, you have to cover the panel then disconnect the battery. Otherwise the controller sees the battery voltage as the maximum off load charge current coming out the output terminals to battery.

    This fries the controller, I know........

    Cover the panel, then disconnect it at the controller if you are going to subsequently uncover the panels and reverse the procedure to reconnect.


  2. John,
    Thanks for the heads up.
    I think the fact that the panel needs to be covered should be stated more prominently,perhaps with a sticker next to the controller.I would not have known if someone on CT hadn't mentioned it.
    Presumably it is OK not to cover the panel if the fuse is removed instead ?

  3. No, the panel must be covered. Otherwise the controller just sees the panel voltage which is much higher and there cocks up the charging.

    You are right, the instructions aren't clear.

  4. Do you need to use something that will not let sunshine through (e.g. Thickish cardboard) or would a piece of rag, or a towel do the job?