Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A Winterization Tip

The Alde 3020 HE manual states :-

"If storing the vehicle for winter,ensure the flue terminal is covered to prevent pest animals nesting in the flue".

I have therefore covered the Alde flue terminal with a bread bag wrapper which seems to do the job admirably.

Incidentally,if anyone wants a copy of the Alde manual,let me know and I will send one.




  1. Hi Ian
    Not sure how to contact you direct, so I hope you don't mind the comment on your blog.
    Can you tell me how I can leave my email for a copy of the Alde manual please.
    Thanks for the blog - its very informative - keep up the good work

  2. Morning Ian. Perhaps a daft question, but where abouts do I find the flue terminal, please? Flue = chimney? On the roof of the van? Also, are 'pest animals' rodents i.e. mice etc? Would a wire mesh be more suitable?

  3. Richard,

    The flue terminal is in the lower offside wall of the the van,next to the Whale water inlet.The pests that thaey have in mind are probably spiders and other creepy crawlies making nests inside the flue.I suppose a mesh would be better but I don't know how you would secure itand you would probably have to remove it before use.A bread bag is just as good,and probably cheaper.