Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Alde Pump Setting.

Right,now doubtless the less caravan diligent among you all will be concerning themselves with tinsel,turkey and crackers.

However there are more interesting things in life to be turning your attention to.

I don't know how much it is common knowledge but the fact is that the 12v pump on the Alde boiler should be set at "2" for everyday running but that it arrives from the factory set at "5" which is the setting to purge and bleed the system.

This should be rectified at PDI but often isn't,ours wasn't,or was it ?

If it is left on "5" it will lead to premature pump wear and possible failure.

Knowing this fact I changed the setting on ours when we received the van,hmmm.............

For some reason today I checked the setting as I lead a sad and lonely life and it was on "4 & a half".

Now as can be seen from the picture the pump is not in the most accessible place to see the numbers on the pump face,oh no that would be far too easy and accommodating.

Also it is easy to presume that the "pointer" bit of the dial is one end of the bit that you grip to turn it,it isn't it is a small arrowhead at the side naturally in the same colour as the rest of the dial so it is easy to overlook ( wouldn't it have been helpful to make it another colour ? ).

So,standing on my head in the front locker clutching a torch in my teeth I adjusted it down to "2" which is at the boiler side obscured of course by the big black pipe.

You won't be able to tell it is set wrongly when the heating is on,at least I couldn't,the system ran and worked fine.

Apologies if this is all teaching your grandmother to suck eggs but better to sort it now than have to pay circa. £150 plus fitting for a new pump.

So I may have done Yorkshire Caravans a disservice by altering it when it was OK in the first place,that's me,the eternal fiddler and buggerer up of things.

Now you can all scuttle off to wrap parcels and get pissed,I would much rather mess with my pump.



In case anyone is not aware,you can click on any of the pics in the blog and get a nice big version.


  1. Believe it or not but anyone who reads blogs and goes on caravan forums(like me) must also need medical intervention. So merry Christmas Ian .

  2. Bill,

    Yes and me.Would much rather be "improving" the caravan if the storage was open than all this faux jollity.


  3. Hi Ian
    Yet another interesting article - many thanks. Might be worth a small dot of paint on the marker to ensure it is easier to see after a visit to the dealer (if they touch it?)
    I am about to take delivery of a Cadiz about mid January - so read these articles with great interest.
    Question 1 - Does the water system need to be drained or has it antifreeze installed?
    Question 2 - how do I drop you (Ian) an email to get copies of the Alde and Truma solar panel manuals??
    Happy New Year to All.