Thursday, 2 July 2015

Yer Could Stand An Elephant On It Now.

Was up at the van today and reinforced the flip up kitchen shelf as previously described with a wooden batten,drilling right through the panel and securing with four bolts.

It has made the shelf much more secure now.

It was never going to survive in its original state with screws millimetres long.

I am not the worlds best DIY'er so quite pleased with the outcome.

If anyone is thinking of doing this the bolts are 5cm long ( depending of course on the thickness of your piece of wood ).

Cost :- £1.50 for for four bolts,four nuts and four washers.
           Wood free out of garage.



  1. Like to see you get and elephant inside - lol!
    Mind you to show how strong the Bailey construction is they did put a Mondeo estate on top 'van for photo shoot.

  2. Malcolm,
    Yes they certainly did but I still wouldn't want to walk on the roof.I bet the Mondeo was lowered onto it ever so carefully.

    By the way how's the new fridge ?