Friday, 24 July 2015

Bolton Abbey & TV Remote Control

Have just had four nights at the CC site at Bolton Abbey and while the weather wasn't the best we very much enjoyed it.

The Bolton Abbey site is tucked away adjacent to Strid Woods and unfortunately suffers from one thing that I have noticed on one or two CC sites and that is tree cover.

There is barely a pitch that is not overhung by some degree with trees which keeps out the sun,holds onto the damp and drips long after rain,which we had a bit of.

If going to this site try to pick one of the pitches at the top of the site which are generally more open we had one down at the bottom which had a bit of tree cover.

The wardens didn't seem the friendliest in the world,nothing specific just a general feeling.

The Cadiz once again came up trumps with just one minor niggle and that concerned our old friend the slot at the back of the lounge seats leading to the Alde radiator.

If you recall I dropped a screwdriver down there on a previous trip,this time it was the TV remote control which vanished.

Luckily I have thin hands and just managed to be able to reach down for it but others may well struggle.

I know the heat has to get through but I wish Bailey had thought of some sort of " heat transferring" cover or grid.

We had two grandkids with us and naturally it is easy for them,or anyone else,to put something down on the backrest cushion and knock it down the void.

Anyway apart from that all continues to be OK with our Cadiz.



  1. We've been to Bolton Abbey - once! Few years ago now, we found the site dark due to trees and ended up with sticky residue on car, van and awning!
    We now go to the other CC site bit further up road Long Ashes nr Grassington, much nicer site and very good pub on site! Malcolm

  2. Malcolm,
    Yes we have stopped at Long Ashes,very nice site.
    Agree with you about the sticky residue from the trees.
    I think the CC should think about pruning/lopping some of these trees on sites.I found parts of Chatsworth much the same.