Monday, 29 June 2015

Second Trip & That Flip Up Table Again.

Yesterday we returned from four nights at Burford Caravan Club site in the Cotswolds.

An excellent venue in tip-top order

Two recommendations,visit the Cotswold Wildlife Park across the lane and Chedworth Roman Villa about 15 miles away.

The Cadiz behaved impeccably both under tow and for the duration of our stay apart from my old friend the flip up table in the kitchen.

Yes I leant on it again and once more the screws came out depositing a kettle full of ( cold ) water over the front seat.

So it was cushion outside to dry and another repair undertaken with some plugs and No More Nails this time but sadly it didn't look right so I have brought the table home and I am going to drill right through the panel and place a wooden batten behind in the cupboard and bolt it through,seems the only way to make a secure job of it.

Now yes it was my fault for leaning on the table but upon examination of the screws they are ridiculously short to support a table  ( see pic ).

In my humble opinion they are never going to do a great deal except cause future trouble.

During the proceedings SWMBO had risen from her bed to see what all the commotion was about along with a selection of sighs and tuts.

Then to compound matters when I had finished the first repair I put the screwdriver down on the back of the front seat where it promptly vanished down the back of the cushion and landed vertically in the Alde radiator fins.

Not really knowing how to retrieve it I unscrewed a wooden board at the bottom of the cushion but that didn't make any differece so back it went.

As I could just see the screwdriver I managed to get my hand down behind the heating board and after a lot of effort managed to get it out.

Motto:- Don't put anything on the top of the seat back cushions.

All this before 8:30am.

Whilst dismantling the superstructure I came across a "secret" compartment behind the front armrests which I didn't know was there.

It is useful for keeping valuables away from prying eyes when out of the van.

There is one on the other side too.

I had rather more luck with an adapation I made for the TV.

We were on a serviced pitch with TV supplied via the bollard.

Previously in the Orion we had to put the ariel wire through the window into the back of the TV to get reception off the site supply.

As the Cadiz has an exterior satellite point I attached a satellite plug to coax converter to it and plugged in the coax from the bollard.

Up at the business end I purchased a three way splitter off E-Bay,disconnected the blue tagged wire from the Vision Plus signal amplifier ( this blue tagged wire comes from the "satellite in" on the side of the van ) and plugged it into the inward side of the splitter.

Then I disconnected the two wires that feed the two TV points and connected them to the outward part of the splitter ( see pic ).

It all worked rather surprisingly well and is easier to do than explain.

I am going to do the shelf repair later in the week when I have located some suitable bolts so will post on how it went.



  1. The radiator fins are just for dissipating the heat and I would have thought its hard to puncture the Alde pipe, but you never know. Fitting a batten would definitely strengthen the shelf,maybe a piece of thin ply would do the job Or a thin piece of aluminium running the length of the screws, you wouldn't need washers then. I have used a carpet aluminium threshold with the corners rounded for similar things in the past
    I was shown the hidden stowages at the dealers but with all the space I have I would only forget where I had put more things.Maybe good for a first aid kit etc.All ideas are worth considering.

  2. Bill,
    Don't think i have done any harm to to the Alde pipe,no leaks visible,just something elase to worry about,and they say caravanning is relaxing.