Wednesday, 29 July 2015


 Whilst browsing the Bailey warranty I came across this:-

 5. During the first three (3) years of the Warranty Cover, all annual inspections and
repairs must be carried out either by Bailey itself or an approved Bailey Service Centre
or Agent. 

 I began to wonder if this would exclude servicing by a mobile outfit who nevertheless was AWS/NCC qualified.

I e-mailed Bailey and got a rapid response ( so much for those that say they are tardy with communications ),to say this :-

To Mr Broadhead
Thank you for your email

I have checked the NCC (AWS) database and can confirm *********** are an NCC approved workshop and are able to carry out the servicing of your caravan.

Should any warranty work be required to your Caravan we would always recommend you return to your purchasing Bailey retailer regarding servicing/warranty work of your caravan.   If you are unable to return to your purchasing retailer with your request or you do not have a purchasing retailer you will need to find a Transient Bailey approved Retailer or Service Centre in your local area or that may be just outside your area and you will have to travel to them to have this work carried out.

We do have transient and non-transient retailers, the transient retailers will work on any caravan regardless of where the van had been purchased and non-transient agents unfortunately choose to only carry out warranty work on caravans that they have sold; as our retailers are not Bailey franchise we have no control over this option and cannot demand and enforce them to carry out servicing or warranty work.

You are able to find Transient retailers/service centres in and around your local area by visiting our website select choose your retailer and enter your postcode.  This will then list all retailers and service centres that are approved via Bailey.

Kind Regards
Chantelle Kimmins
Customer Service Co-Ordinator

Bailey of Bristol
South Liberty Lane, Bristol, BS3 2SS

So if you are in any doubt that your mobile service firm is able to do your servicing then if you e-mail Bailey they will check them out for you.

I have printed the above into hard copy so if there are any problems with warranty in the future I have something to fall back on. 


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