Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Durham Grange

Just had three nights at Durham Grange CC site just outside err.................Durham.

Perfectly pleasant site which we have visited before,some people complain of road noise which yes there is but it is one of those noises which I don't hear unless I listen on purpose.

Within walking distance to the P&R into Durham.

Whilst there we visited Beamish open air museum,well worth the trip,so much to see,so much in fact that we didn't see it all but you can visit again for free for up to a year so we will have a return visit.

Decent discount with CC membership cards as well.

One word,if visiting during school holidays book online prior to going to avoid a long queue.

Anyway onto the Cadiz and once again nil to report,not even a TV remote down the back of the sofa.

Performed faultlessly.

Copied Bill Tweedie's idea of putting a couple of vacuum sucker hooks in the shower to hang wet coats on.


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