Friday, 5 June 2015

A Couple of Things.................

Went over the van today to use the Floe on the water system as I usually do between trips.

I was surprised by how little water remained in the system.

When I used the Floe on the Orion I used to get about 250mls plus quite a bit out of the water heater.

On the Cadiz I only got about 50 mls plus the contents of the heater which didn't seem very much either.

Surprising for a much bigger van

I also calibrated the Alde against a thermometer,it was out by about 2 degrees.

I thought it would be more than that so I will recheck on our next trip.



  1. I suspect its because the waste pipe is smooth bored unlike the Orions which had ridges and held water.Also the pipe work is straighter and secured to the body reducing water collecting. I always set-up with a slight bias towards the sink to ease drainage .

  2. Bill,
    Yes I wondered about the smooth bore pipe,as far as the sink goes especially less liklihood of trapping food particles as well.