Thursday, 2 February 2017

Alde External Temperature Sensor

Up to storage today to install an Alde external temperature sender,which is a very easy fit in which I was assisted by the previously mentioned Mr.Roscoe ( available for barmitzvahs,weddings and the repair of outboard motors if you have a broken one ).

Before commencing work it is advisable to plug the sensor into the plug at the top of the boiler to make sure it works after removing the black plastic boiler cover.

Nothing worse than getting it all installed and the thing is buggered.

The external sensor plug is the red one on the right with the grey lead,plugs in easily but make sure you have it the right way up,it is plugged in securely,and don't bend the pins,fiddly but not difficult.

The correct socket is shown on the diagram which can be seen beneath the plugs.

Once you have ascertained that it is working by checking the Alde control panel ( thermometer outside the house ) :-

unplug it and proceed outside.

The Alde instructions say to locate the sensor on the underside of the caravan floor out of the wind so I fixed it as close to the side skirt as possible,there is plenty of cable ( 2.5m ).

Fixing was by cleaning the floor with some brake cleaner,applying some No More Nails to the flat side and securing with two small screws through the provided holes,I don't think the No More Nails was strictly necessary but I thought it might keep any water out and wouldn't do any harm ( I took a photo of the fixing but it turned out to be crap so you will just have to believe me ).

Thread the plug and cable up through a small hole where the Alde drain pipe is:-

and secure the cable to the underside of the floor with some cable clips.

I tried to utilise the brown plastic drop out hole in the picture but the plug is too big to go through the holes so you can forget that one.

Connect the plug back into the boiler,check it is working by looking at the control panel,calibrate it with an external thermometer,replace the black plastic cover on the boiler and there you have it.

SWMBO will be over the moon by this upgrade I am sure.

Once again I got the sensor from Halesowen Caravan Centre, £22 with free postage.


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